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Brandons Bets: Week 13

We got back on track last week when we went 1-1 on our Sunday night picks losing with the falcons but winning with the surging Texans. Then we broke that tie with taking the Ravens on Monday Night Football as Baltimore pulled off a stunner with a “kick-6” that we ultimately didn’t need as we took the points. This leaves us at 8-6-1 on the year where if you bet a 100$ on each game you’d be up about 150$. Let’s look at what this week offers us. All spreads made using Bovada.

Seattle Seahawks -2 at Minnesota Vikings

So we bet against the Vikings last week and got burned but that’s because the Falcons rushing defense was fool’s gold. The Seahawks is not. It’s true that Jimmy Graham is done for the year but I honestly believe the offense might improve now that it doesn’t have to make a GM happy by forcing someone into the offense who’s washed. This is a close game but it’s hard to see Teddy B pulling this one out if AP can’t take the game over.

Houston Texans +3 at Buffalo Bills

The Texans have been on fire. The Bills offense is unreliable with a QB who’s not a pocket passer. Their defense has all the pieces to be successful but they can’t seem to stop anyone. The Texans are the better team and were getting 3 points as a gift in a low scoring game.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1 vs Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons just aren’t that good. Matt Ryan looks awful and their defense is inconsistent. The Buccaneers aren’t much better but I think the home team can pull this one out and start some alarms going off in Atlanta.

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