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Bradford the "Clueless" QB

After the bye week has come and gone for the Philadelphia Eagles and sitting at 3-4 and tied for first place in the division, leading up to the big game vs Dallas this weekend practices commenced at the Novacare Complex.

On Wednesday QB Sam Bradford was asked if he has talked to Agholor about rookie struggles.

Bradford then said. "I haven't but that's something I should do, now that you mentioned it."

Wait? What!!! It is week 9 of the 2015 NFL Season and as the starting QB of this team you realize your role 9 weeks in and not from the time they traded to get you? Red Flag!!!

First off this isn't the St. Louis Rams where the team plays second fiddle to the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. This is the Philadelphia Eagles and anyone who plays for the Eagles needs to understand the expectancy we as a fan base have for those football players that join our beloved team.

Sam Bradford you are not a leader until you prove us otherwise. You were drafted in the first round for a reason. You have been in the league 5 years you are a Vet and if you want to be a starter for much longer in your career you might want to wake up and smell the coffee.

Mark Sanchez has that ferocity to get into his players face and correct them but why does he do it? Because he knows what it is to win and almost lead the Jets to the Superbowl in back to back years.

Now I am not trying to stir up a QB controversy because there is none, but Bradford needs to wake up and get it together.

I expect nothing less from Bradford starting this week against Dallas and moving forward if he doesn't get things going don't be shocked if Sanchez is starting and may stick for the foreseeable future.

There is no contract for Bradford after this year and rightfully so he hasn't deserved it. If Bradford is smart he knows he needs to light things up on offense if not he and Chip Kelly knows he won't be in Philadelphia past 2016.

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