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  • John Hazelet

New York Jets Week 6 Preview

After a victory in London and their Bye week last Sunday, the Jets return to action this week against the Washington Redskins. The Redskins are coming off of a final drive heartbreaking OT loss to Atlanta last week in a game they were not "supposed" to compete in. Washington not only competed but were in control of the game the majority of the way through. Atlanta was able to seal the victory in OT by picking off Kirk Cousins and returning it for the games winning score.

Ryan Fitzpatrick will again be under center for the Jets. Fitzpatrick has played well over all this season and has been able to hold off back up Geno Smith returning as the starter after recovering from his well documented broken jaw. On paper, this is a game Fitzpatrick should do well in. Washington is hurting at the CB position and the Jets may be healthier on offense than they have been since week 1. Kirk Cousins has had mixed success so far as Washngtons starter. At times he shows flashes as being a legit #1 QB but he needs to stop turning the ball over. Against the Jets, this should prove to be the difference for the Redskins..

The key matchups in this game will be Cousins vs the Jets Defense. With Sheldon Richardson returning from suspension, the Jets will enjoy an improved pass rush. I say improved but lets be honest, the Jets pass rush has been stellar thus far. Sheldon returning will only add to that even if he is on a bit of a snap count. Also interesting will be the Redskins RB's matchup vs the Jets LB's. I look for Washington to use a lot of screens and dumpoff passes to offset the pressure they will see from the Jets.

The Redskins are coming in pretty beat up, they will be missing two starting cornerbacks, two first-team offensive linemen their top tight end and possibly RB Matt Jones. As was proved in the Eagles game, the Jets can not take any team lightly. On paper, this is a game the Jets should dominate but any Jets fan that has followed the team over the last 40 years or so will tell you, its the type of game the Jets traditionally dont play well in. Hopefully for the Jets and its fans, this is something Todd Bowles can reverse.

Predictions for the game: The Jets are a 7 point favorite in this game which is a direct reflection of the Redskins health. Keys for the Jets will be getting pressure on Kirk Cousins and forcing him to make risky throws. I look for the Redskins to focus on the game and use a short passing game to counter the Jets pass rush. Learn the names Chris Thompson (RB) and Jamison Crowder (WR), if the Redskins have any success on offense those two will need to be heavily involved.

BOLD PREDICTIONS: Jets win 27-13. The Jets defense forces 3 turnovers and produces 3 QB sacks, 1 by Sheldon Richardson. Fitzpatrick will have his typical 200+ yards passing with 2 TD's and an INT. Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker each catch a TD pass and Ivory goes easily over 100 yards.

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