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  • Tyler Steege

Black Jersey's the 12th Man Approaches

It’s a blackout.

To most fans, what color of uniform a team wears during a game has no impact on the outcome, whatsoever. I sound ridiculous, I know. They’re just jerseys. But when the Eagles wear their all black uniforms, things get real.


Lincoln Financial Field is loud, but when the Eagles wear the all black uniforms, fans cheer a little louder for a sack, they boo a little harder when Eli Manning runs out onto the field. The environment, the energy can be felt through a TV screen. Imagine being an opponent in these conditions, things can get hectic quickly.

It’s not a coincidence that the Eagles will suit up in all black for the second consecutive year against the New York Giants. Oh, not to mention, it’s on Monday Night Football for the entire country to see. The Eagles PR department knows the significance of this game, with the Eagles sitting at 2-3 desperately needing their first division win.

Last year, the Eagles sacked Eli manning 6 times and held him to 151 yards passing when they wore all black. It was so bad, Ryan Nassib had to finish the game for Eli.

Something happens to this team. To the city of Philadelphia. When the Eagles wear all black, the vibe to the game is electric. I expect a dominating performance on Monday night from the Philadelphia Eagles in all black. Nothing else.

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