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  • Craig Gorbunoff

Jets Back On Track After Week 4 Win Over Miami

It’s amazing how much can change in the course of a week. Following a Week 3 loss to the Eagles the Jets fan base was starting to have their doubts saying, “Same old Jets”. However now 3-1, The New York Jets look like a team that is hot, aggressive and ready to compete for a playoff spot.

There are three main players that impact the New York Jet offense. Chris Ivory, Brandon Marshall, and Eric Decker. Not having Decker and Ivory is the main reason behind the Jets falling to the Eagles, those two players act as security blankets for Ryan Fitzpatrick. All three of these players looked dominant against the Dolphins in week 4. Ivory had 166 yards and a touchdown. Marshall had 128 receiving yards including a opening 58 yard bomb on the first play form scrimmage. And Decker had 46 yards and a touchdown. As long as these three players stay healthy, it is a core that should be able to carry the Jets through December.

On Defense, the big names are obvious, Revis, Wilkerson, Harris. The 1st round pick Leonard Williams has looked great, and hopefully will be healthy after the buy week after suffering a knee injury. One player that has impressed is Corner Marcus Williams who was able to get an interception against Dolphins Quarterback Ryan Tannehill. In addition, keep in mind come week 6 against Washington, the Jets will have Sheldon Richardson back in a defensive front that is already feared around the league.

What does all of this mean? It means this Jets team has something they haven’t had since 2010, a nucleus of talented players that are dedicated and have the poise to do something special. As the quarter of the season mark passes, the Jets have just as good of chances of any team in the AFC to make the playoffs. Once a team makes the playoffs anything can happen.

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