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Turn on the Jets: New York Looks Legit In Week 2 Win

Week 2 of the NFL season is now officially over, and I think I speak for pretty much every sports analyst and fan when I say I definitely did not see the New York Jets being 2-0 when their schedule was released. In my initial game predictions I had the Jets opening 1-1, however in last week’s edition of the Code Green Podcast I went with my gut and picked the Jets to get the upset win…. Maybe I should listen to that a little more often. There were a number of reasons as to why the Jets were able to get this pivotal road win, but the impact of the win is the real story here. Most analysts were saying after the Jets systematic destruction of the Cleveland Browns was saying “oh it’s just the Browns, their real season starts next week”. Well it’s next week and the New York Jets are still undefeated.

The truth of the matter is football is simple sport. How do you stop elite quarterbacks? You get pressure up the middle, collapse the pocket, and force turnovers. The New York Jets so far this season are better then anyone at those three things, with already 10 forced turnovers this season. In addition, Leonard Williams and Mohammed Wilkerson have been wrecking havoc on opposing quarterbacks, generating constant pressure up the middle…. Can you imagine what this front will look like week 5 when Sheldon Richardson is back? In addition to the incredible pressure, Mike Maccagnan’s money is talking in a big way with stellar performances in the secondary. Darrelle Revis is, well he’s Darrelle Revis. And Antonio Cromartie is, well he’s Antonio Cromartie. We don’t really need to discuss them, however acquisitions like Buster Skrine, and Marcus Gilchrist who got a game sealing interception last night are making a big impact on this defense. In addition the Louisville Slugger Calvin Pryor made his first career Interception. Not many teams can effectively shut down the Colts, the Jets were able to do that.

While discussing acquisitions, the Bears must be kicking themselves for trading away Brandon Marshall for only a 5th round pick. This trade may go down as the best trade in New York Jets history. I mean Marshall has been an absolute stud on and off the field. He’s been a leader and an incredible play maker. Week 1 his forced fumble turned the whole momentum. And his 101 yard 1 touchdown performance was the edge the Jets needed. The way he was able to push multiple Colts defenders into the endzone was they type of plays championship teams make. Did I just say championship? Yes I did but calm down I’m not making that bold of a prediction just yet…

What I like most about this Jet team is that they aren’t satisfied with themselves. Meaning that despite two solid performances, Head Coach Todd Bowles after each game has come out and said, “We still have stuff to work on”. Rex Ryan was one to be very impressed with himself and had a Ra Ra attitude, which can be effective in its own right. However I think when you look at the very successful teams in this league they all are always saying that despite how great they looked they have things to work on. This coaching staff seems to be an elite one, Chan Gailey called a great game against Indianapolis and kept his QB in good situations all night long. Fitzpatrick’s only interception came on a tip drill, which isn’t really the end of the world.

With good news comes bad however, in last night’s game Eric Decker is believed to have sprained his PCL, which won’t need surgery but he will probably need at least a week or 2 to get fully healthy if not more. Without Decker this offense goes from having a nice wide receiver core to a rather pedestrian one. Hopefully Devin Smith would be able to come back healthy and perform well in his absence. If not Jeremy Kerely might have his chance to climb up the depth chart, or perhaps guys like Owusu or Enunwa will step up. However without a pass catching tight end, and Decker out, the Jets will be easier to game plan for, just stop the run and double team Marshall. For their sake and Jets fans everywhere I hope Decker is able to play next week… if not hopefully someone can step up in a big way.

Looking ahead to Week 3 the Jets will take on the 0-2 Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles being a favorite in the NFC have fallen flat so far to begin the season. They’ll be giving everything they have to try to pull out a win. However the 2-0 Jets, having already beaten an AFC favorite this week in the Colts on the road, coming back to a home fan base that is more excited then it has been in years, might be too much to handle. The Eagles are currently 2 point favorites… I’m not sure why. I’m leaning towards the Jets burying the Eagles season… but be sure to stay tuned to interstate of green for more predictions as the IOG Bowl kicks off Sunday at 1pm.

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