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  • Tracy Broaddus

Eagles Preseason Observations

After watching the first three pre-season games, I have to admit my predictions on this Eagles team were wrong. This team has amazed me by how dominant they have been so far. The front seven looks like a juggernaut and we still have yet to see Kiko Alonso and Mychal Kendricks play together. Bennie Logan has been balling out, having his way getting into the backfield with ease. The biggest surprise of this defense has been how good Walter Thurmond has been; he has really proved me wrong. He has made big plays with interceptions in both the Baltimore and Green Bay games. The only concern I still have on the defense is the slot corner position because Eric Rowe has looked like a liability that isn’t ready to be trusted yet. This defense isn’t one you fear but they are a very opportunistic defense. My only fear is when you go up against the elite quarterbacks that don’t turn the ball over, will this defense be able to get stops without those turnover opportunities.

The offense looks as good as any in the league. The trio of Murray, Matthews, and Sproles are going to be hard to handle for any team. In the Green Bay game, the running back trio moved the ball down the field with ease. In my opinion, it seemed like Chip Kelly was using the running game to hide Sam Bradford. After the running game got going Bradford was able to complete some impressive passes along with three touchdowns. With the talent at running back, Sam Bradford has already been labeled a game manager and after watching the Green Bay game I have to agree with that. My only question about the offense is if a team can somewhat slow down the running game will Bradford be able to win games for the Eagles.

With the Cowboys having the injury of Orlando Scandrick, uncertainties at running back, and how the Eagles have played in the pre-season, I have to confess that my expectations for the season has changed. So far the Eagles look like the most all around talented team in the NFC East. In my first article, I said the Eagles were a couple of seasons away from being a special team but after watching the Eagles this pre-season, this team can do some special things this season. I expect the Eagles to win the division and go as far as their defense takes them. I think we’ll see the Eagles in the Super Bowl in the not too far future.

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