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Geno Smith Press Conference: Procamp Boonton NJ

Boonton, NJ- On July 1st Geno Smith held his 2nd annual Procamp. Procamps is an organization that helps connect professional athletes as well as the best high school and prep school coaches in the surrounding area with children in grades 1st-8th to help hone their fundamentals and develop their skills in the game of football. This procamp was one of many this summer. This video is the media session with Geno Smith that included us, Interstate of Green, The Star Ledger, ABC 7, SNY, The New York Post and many other outlets. this will be part of a feature i am making for about the importance of youth football and if it's worth it for kids to play with the injury scare. the video will also be featured here with interviews with Eric Decker, Justin Pugh, and Brian Cushing. Please enjoy and more multimedia is soon to follow on Interstate of Green!.

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