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Big Mo Back at New York Jets Facility

With the official start of Mini-camp today for the New York Jets I only have one thing to say. Big Mo is back in the building people!

Of course I am referencing Muhammad Wilkerson, stud Defensive End for the New York Jets and 1st round draft choice out of Temple back in 2011. The 25 year old from Elizabeth, New Jersey has been the most valuable player for the Jets by far since being drafted. In his career he has played all but three games, which came last year after a turf toe injury. He has a total of 24.5 sacks, and 145 tackles. Wilkerson is still playing on his rookie contract and is entering his last season of that deal. Today to the media his agent said that Mo would like to retire as a Jet. Wilkerson also stated that he has been frustrated by the contract situation but is very confident a deal can be reached.

Jets fans everywhere have been jumping for joy at the name of Mike Maccagnan since free agency began. I can’t blame them/me because to date he’s done a great job. No need to reiterate all the achievements he’s had in Free Agency and The Draft. However, this whole situation is a nightmare for the new GM. Wilkerson is a player that needs to be locked up and locked up for good. The truth of the matter is there isn’t that many stud 5 techniques in the NFL, Wilkerson is probably the best at the position. Where some people disagree is the Jets seemingly have Mo’s replacement in Leonard Williams and another stud in Sheldon Richardson. My question to these people is why not have all of them?

Rock solid defensive linemen are hard to come by, the Jets happen to have a lot of them, but by no means should Muhammad Wilkerson ever not be a Jet. For starters he is a leader and difference maker on the field. Secondly, he is very important to the community, he is involved in numerous charitable organizations in the New Jersey area. He is a local guy who loves being a Jet, and he should be rewarded for his production on and off the field.

The New York Jets have approximately 5 million dollars in cap space still, and big Mo is making about 7 million on his rookie contract. Now he obviously wants a pay raise, and I don’t blame him for his performance. I think a 10 million dollar contract is more then fair for an all pro like Mo. This is something the team can definitely afford, the major question is, are they willing to do it? Now that Mo is back in the building, and showing he wants to be a part of this team, I think we can see a deal get done before the start of the season. If it doesn’t… the Jets may be in trouble come start of the next offseason.

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