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  • Craig Gorbunoff

Matt Simms in Buffalo Means Trouble for the Jets

The New York Jets are a team on the rise… it’s hard to get worse right? Unfortunately for them every team in the AFC East is also improving by a significant amount this offseason. The Buffalo Bills, to me are that team that presents the most danger to the Jets chances of winning the division or getting a wild card slot. What makes matters worse is, I believe the Jets just gave Buffalo their quarterback of the future. The Jets recently waived Matt Simms, and has been acquired by the Buffalo Bills.

Matt Simms joined the New York Jets as an undrafted free agent back in 2012 out of Tennessee. He is a Jersey boy, growing up in Franklin Lakes, and playing for the well-known prep school Don Bosco. He has only had 3 NFL appearances in the regular season, totaling 156 passing yards a touchdown and an interception. So what exactly is the big deal? In the preseason he’s had brilliant performances, including a 285-yard game against the Philadelphia Eagles. But again what is the big deal? A lot of quarterbacks have had good preseason games.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Simms and have watched him play live. One he’s the son of a hall of fame Quarterback and New York Legend Phil Simms, he’s a Football guy, grew up with the game and has a great knowledge of the game. His football pedigree is a serious plus. He’s a natural born leader, people respond to him in the huddle. I’m not just saying this I’ve seen it, he has a personality that makes you want to be great. And lastly he has incredibly arm talent. It’s a rocket he can get a ball down the field like nobody’s business.

Looking at his situation in Buffalo, the QB depth chart goes as follows. E.J. Manuel, Matt Cassell, Tyrod Taylor and of course Matt Simms. As far as I can tell Manuel’s time as a starter in this league is done, Matt Cassell is a veteran backup; I think his time as a starter is done as well. That leaves Taylor and Simms, both of which head coach Rex Ryan loves. Taylor has been a backup in Baltimore for his career, and reminds me of a less athletic Mike Vick. Seeing as how Ryan tried his hand with Vick last year and it didn’t work out well, I truly believe that Simms will earn this starting job.

Two seasons ago in New York Simms should have been named the starter with how horrible Geno Smith was playing, but the ownership was very keen on keeping him the starter, leaving Rex in a tough spot. I think in Buffalo, Simms will get a fair shot in what looks like a super open competition, and will soon become the starter for the Bills.

This to me means trouble for the Jets. I predicted the Bills sweep the Jets this year, and this addition to me cements it. To me, Simms is a franchise type of quarterback, and has a great offensive coordinator in Greg Roman to learn from. Honestly, with the suspension of Tom Brady for the first 4 weeks, could even possibly lead to a Buffalo AFC East Championship. Yes that’s how much I believe in Matt Simms, I’m very disappointed to see him leave the Jets. To me, this move has all the makings of trouble for New York to come.

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