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  • Craig Gorbunoff

Smith, Not Fitzpatrick is the QB New York Needs Right Now

Many a football fan seems to be asking Jet fans everywhere why the team is not giving Ryan Fitzpatrick the starting job out right? This question is one I have been asked many times… and if you want the honest answer, it’s because he’s not a starting quarterback. As far as backups are concerned I don’t think there is anyone better, but Fitzpatrick is a man who has been in the league for years now, we know what he is, we know what he can do. So why name Geno the starter so early? Because that’s what he is, a starter.

Geno Smith has had an ugly pattern of playing very well the last four games of the season to give fans a lot of hope. However, the team going into this season is the most talented, complete team that the Jets have had since 2010. Everything is in his corner and it is his job to lose. He has weapons, a line, a whole mess of running backs, and a championship caliber defense. If he doesn’t succeed this season… well then he’s no better then Fitzpatrick.

What I believe to truly be the X-factor in Geno Smith’s development is having a truly hard worker behind him in Fitzpatrick and then of course the QB friendly system that will be implemented by Chan Gailey. When you look at the QB’s that Gailey has worked with in the past, you have guys like Kordell Stewart, Tyler Thigpen, and the previously mentioned Ryan Fitzpatrick. And he made all of them look like pretty good quarterbacks in his time with them. Geno Smith is a better quarterback then all of these guys, and I think can prove it this season.

What concerns me with Geno is a bit of immaturity. He has missed team meetings before, and doesn’t quite seem like a natural leader. I don’t think he has to be for the Jets to be successful, and I by no means expect him to develop into a Peyton Manning, but he can be a good starter in this league, make the playoffs, and hopefully the defense is good enough to go the rest of the way.

So back to the original point, why isn’t Fitzpatrick the day 1 starter? There is so much more upside with Geno, and he more then likely is better now then Fitzpatrick is, should Geno Smith perform badly or do something stupid then I think he’s out the door and Fitzpatrick will be the starter… that is until the team wants to see what they have in Bryce Petty

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