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Word of Advice for Evan Mathis

Should Eagles fans be alarmed that Guard Evan Mathis has missed voluntary OTA's? No. Should Eagles fans monitor this situation closely? Yes. Chip Kelly and the Eagles Front Office have given Evan Mathis and his agent permission to seek a trade for Evan's services, but now 2 years later and no bite. For those fans that are of the mindset that it was Chip that wanted to send off his Pro Bowl Guard you are sadly mistaken. Mathis & his agent requested to seek a trade partner after Eagles didn't feel it was necessary to over-pay an aging guard. Chip Kelly values the offensive line but knows there are cheaper and younger options that could go right in and help this line. Allen Barbre, Matt Tobin are some guys ready, willing and able to take Mathis spot without hesitation. It is up to Mathis to stick through it and play like he always does and for his age he is still getting paid a lot at about $5 million in 2015. If i am Evan Mathis i rejoin my team by mandatory training camp and work my butt off to help this team get as far as they can & get paid. Yes, the Eagles didn't draft any offensive linemen but they grabbed a few UDFA's that are hungry and would love nothing more than to unseat one of the starters especially someone like Evan Mathis who prefers to be elsewhere or at least be paid a lot more than he is making. This past draft may have not "Wowed" many people but this class is hungry and they want to play and i expect nothing less from them. Players like Guard(s) Bretty Boyko, Malcolm Bunche, Mike Coccia and Cole Manhart all of which have the drive to prove they belong. At the end of the day my hope is that Evan Mathis is back with his teammates and doesn't miss a beat with the Eagles. His best chance at success is here with the Eagles. He knows it and the organization knows it.

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