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  • John Hazelet

Some Free Advice for Tom Brady

Since the Spygate incident, I have always felt like the Patriots believed they were smarter than everyone else in the NFL. Now, in their response to this Deflategate scandal, they want people to believe that they call the employee at the head of the scandal the deflator because he is trying to lose weight... The fact that he also happens to be the guy being accused of deflating the balls is strictly coincidental... Anyone who believes this should see the bridge I have for sale...

If you went to the 20,000 word website they set up in response to the Wells report called The Patriots actually make some decent points in their defense. The biggest one in my opinion is that when the footballs are checked by officials prior to the game, there is no record of the psi or weight of the game footballs. The NFL does check the weight and condition of the balls but they do not “record” it anywhere. This may actually be something that ends up getting the Patriots a reduction in their fine. However, this website takes a huge hit in credibility when they make the claim of the deflator being a nickname.

The site also offers unrealistic explanations to the texts messages back in forth between locker room attendants Jim McNally Aka The Deflator)and John Jastremski. The two often made jokes at Brady’s expense. McNally texted Jastremski about “Tom” and how he would “make that next ball an (expletive) balloon.” McNally replied, “Talked to him last night. He actually brought you up and said you must have a lot of stress trying to get them done.”

Here is some free advice for Tom Brady and the Patriots… Stop acting as if you did nothing wrong. Simply apologize for the wrong doing and lets all move on from this. If Brady had a press conference and said “I take full responsibility for the deflated balls” “The NFL allows us to work with the game balls in practice leading up to the games and I wasn’t aware that the balls had to be above a certain PSI.” He would still be a liar but at least he would save himself and the rest of us some the embarrassment.

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