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  • Craig Gorbunoff

Possible New PAT Could Give Jets an Advantage

The NFL will be holding its spring meeting next week starting on May 18th until the 20th. All 32 owners will be in attendance. On the topic of discussion is a change to the extra point, as we know it. It takes 75% of the vote for a new rule to be passed so 24 out of the 32 owners. There will be a total of three different proposals that will be voted on.

Option 1: The Patriots’ proposal says that the ball will be snapped from the 15-yard line if a team decides to go for one and kick the extra pint. That would make the kick about a 33-yard attempt. If a team decides to go for two the ball is snapped form the two-yard line

Option 2: The Eagles’ proposal is similar, however the major difference is that the defense is able to score. If the offense went for two, the defense would be able to return a fumble or interception for two points. Under the Eagles proposal, any team going for two would snap the ball from the one-yard line as opposed to the two-yard line in the Patriots plan. I’m sure Chip Kelly is drooling over using Tim Tebow in this situation.

Option 3: The one comes form the competition committee, it’s very similar to the Eagles plan, however if the offense goes for two, the ball will be snapped form the two-yard line instead of the one. The defense can also score two points under this plan, but one minor difference is that if either team records a safety, that team would be awarded one point.

In all of these proposals, the real meat of it is that the extra point will more then likely be a 30-yard attempt. Now in today’s NFL kickers are very good, but a lot can be very inconsistent. For the New York Jets, at 30 yards, a field goal attempt is money in the bank for one of the best kickers in the league Nick Folk. Basically what I’m getting at is this could be an opportunity for the Jets to gain a small point advantage. With a team that has an offense that is incredibly inconsistent every point matters. And if even with the new PAT, with a kicker like Folk, it should be automatic, giving the Jets a very good advantage on special teams against those who aren’t so fortunate to have an all-pro kicker.

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