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  • John Hazelet

Brady Suspended, Patriots Fined

Today, Tom Brady has been suspended 4 games for his role in deflategate. The NFL released the following statement.. “Quarterback Tom Brady will be suspended without pay for the first four games of the 2015 regular season for conduct detrimental to the integrity of the NFL.”

The Wells Report (which took 3 months to complete) claimed Brady completely refused to turn over his cell phone to investigators after being questioned about text messages that would have proved his role in the deflategate scandal. My question are as follows… Why does he ONLY get 4 games for NOT cooperating with the investigation? What is on the phone regarding this matter that he doesn’t want made public? Did the NFL simply give him 4 games so they can stop talking about it?

This league should suspend Brady for the season UNTIL he provided the cell phone. Why let him off the hook? Without a doubt Brady will attempt to appeal this down to 2 games. If the NFL lets that happen without seeing his phone, someone should investigate them!

In the scheme of things, the Patriots franchise actually takes a bigger hit then the player who is responsible by losing a 1st Round pick in the 2016 Draft, 4th round in 2017 and a $1million fine. That tells me that the Wells report had some evidence of this NOT being a one time thing. I think that this part of the punishment is fair.

Side note… Funny that the game Brady can return is @Colts and is a prime time game.. The NFL just gave themselves a nice ratings grabber with the Patriots playing the team that blew the doors open on this entire situation. I am sure THAT had NOTHING to do with this decision. (Sarcasm)

Brady Suspension and the Jets.

How does this suspension affect the Jets? Not well… If Brady gets all 4 games, he will miss games against the Steelers and Bills, two teams the Jets could be battling for a playoff spot. Also, Brady will play his first home game of the season against…. you guessed it, the Jets. Not that the New England crowd needs any more motivation to be pumped playing its hated rival, you would have to imagine that crowd and the team will have a little more juice than usual.

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