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Inside Look at Eagles and Jets Mini-camp

Have you ever wondered what it is like for rookies on their first day of mini-camp? According to Eagles running back Kevin Monangai and Jets OLB Julian Howsare it is similar to anyone starting a new job. The nervousness is there but you power through it to do your best work. Below is a few quotes and observations these two great athletes told Interstate of Green about their first day.

Kevin Monangai

First we began talking to Kevin Monangai and asked him how he thought he did.

"I felt like I crushed it today. Caught everything thrown to me. Looked explosive. Even had Chip Kelly giving me pointers."

We asked Kevin if there is any rookie competition.

"It's only me and one other RB. He made a nice cut on one run but I definitely won the day. I am very experienced when it comes to classroom also. Gotta repeat or better tomorrow. I know I caught everything."

We asked Kevin his view on head coach Chip Kelly.

"I like him a lot. He's very to the point."

Kevin what jersey are you wearing this year?


Kevin it seems like everything is coming together as you rise up the depth chart.

"It is. I just gotta keep dominating."

Julian Howsare

Insterstate of Green also picked the brain of Julian Howsare about his first day in the revamped Todd Bowles defense.

Julian ho did you feel on day one?

"I felt really comfortable out there today for only being the first day.I learned so much today and I'm excited to see my game develop over the next couple weeks. Went really well I thought. Just trying to learn everything."

You meet a lot of players day one? What drills did you do?

"Met a lot of the players and did some coverage and take off drills. Worked a lot of team today because we are installing the defense.

Did you do any film study?

"Yeah, tons"

We asked the question most Jets fans wanted to know. Did he sack Bryce Petty yet?

"Haha, no"

Based on the comments of both men it seems the Eagles and the Jets have great players on their team. Both men show confidence and a will to learn. You can't ask much more than that. From everyone here at Interstate of Green, we wish Kevin and Julian all the luck in the worls. We will continue to update everyone as time passes. Thanks for reading!

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