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Mock Draft 2.0: The Final Mock

Rich Wilhelm @koda522

  1. Bucs- Winston

  2. Browns from Titans- Mariota- Browns trade their 12th, 19th and 3rd round selection to move up to the second overall pick. The Browns are one of the most QB needy teams in the NFL. Johnny football is a complete question mark at this point

  3. Jags- Fowler

  4. Raiders- Williams

  5. Redskins- Beasley

  6. Jets- Cooper- The Jets are stacked at wide receiver right now but a solid wide receiver like Amari Cooper would work perfect in this offense. With Marshall who is on the older side, Cooper would be the perfect fill in when he retires or moves onto another team. Pair Cooper with Marshall, Decker, Amaro and Kerley and you have one heck of an offense to say the least.

  7. Bears- Ray

  8. Falcons- Gregory

  9. Giants- Schreff

  10. Rams- White

  11. Vikings- Waynes

  12. Titans from Browns- Dorial Green Beckham

  13. Saints- Shelton

  14. Mia- La’el Collins

  15. 49ers- Armstead

  16. Texans- Parker

  17. Chargers- Gordon

  18. Chiefs- Dupree

  19. Titans from Browns- Gurley

  20. Eagles- Landon Collins- The Eagles weakest position right now is at safety in my opinion. There is only one capable safety on the roster, Malcom Jenkins. This move makes too much sense. The only way the Eagles pass on Landon Collins is if they trade up for Mariota or take Byron Jones.

  21. Bengals- Flowers

  22. Steelers- Marcus Peters

  23. Lions- Phillips

  24. Cardinals- Jalen Collins

  25. Panthers- Perriman

  26. Ravens- Dorsett

  27. Vikings- Eric Rowe- Cowboys trade their first round pick to the Vikings for Adrian Peterson

  28. Broncos- Pete

  29. Colts- Erving

  30. Packers- Goldman

  31. Saints- Maxx Williams

  32. Patriots- Byron Jones

Alberto Torres @altorres87

1. Tampa Bay- Marcus Mariota QB 2. Trade*** Titans with Bears- Jameis Winston (Titans get Jay Cutler and Bears 7th overall pick + Bears second). 3. Jags- L. Williams DL 4. Oak- A. Cooper WR 5. Skins- D. Fowler Jr. DE 6. Trade***- Jets trade down to 10 with Rams( Jets get Rams 10th and 3rd) Kevin White WR 7. Titans-B. Scherff OT 8. Falcons- B. Dupree DE 9. NYG- D. Shelton DT/NT 10. Jets- R. Gregory DE- Even with the Jets dropping down 4 slots they get a sure-fire top 5 player in Randy Gregory plus an extra draft pick to boot. Though Gregory has dropped down the boards since his incident with "pot" the Jets are smart enough to overlook that and not overlook his pure talent. Bowles feels he can help Gregory out of his off the field issues and make him a perennial Pro Bowler and a house hold name for Jets Fans.(Huge Win, High Risk, High Reward). 11. Vikings- Trae Waynes CB 12. Browns- D. Parker WR 13. Saints- A. Armstead DE 14. Dolphins- J. Strong WR 15. 49ers- E. Goldman DT 16. Texans- S. Ray DE 17. Chargers- M. Gordon RB 18. KC Chiefs- A. Peat OL 19. Browns- M. Brown DT 20. Eagles- B. Jones CB- Jones over the last month has shot up the draft boards and rightfully so he has all the talent in the world to be a #1 corner. The Eagles in FA got sought after Byron Maxwell and also signed to 1 year deals Thurmond and EJ Biggers but to Chip that isn't enough to help a weak 2014 secondary squad that gave up way to many TDs. With Jones they get a Starting CB opposite Maxwell that can cover the # 1-2 WR. And can disrupt the Line of Scrimmage plus he fits the Chip Kelly Mold of lengthy Corners. 21. Bengals- M. Peters CB 22. Steelers- L. Collins S 23. Lions- TJ. Clemmings OL 24. Cards- J. Collins CB 25. Panthers- E. Flowers OL 26. Ravens- T. Gurley RB 27. Dallas- Eli Harold OLB 28. Denver- DJ. Humphries OL 29. Colts- L. Collins OL 30. Packers- E. Kendricks LB 31. Saints- B. Perriman WR 32. Pats- DGB WR

John Hazelet @JohnHazelet475

  1. Tampa Bay- Jameis Winston QB

  2. EAGLES ( via Titans)- Marcus Mariota QB Chip gets his man! Try and follow.. Browns get Bradford and Eagles 20th over all. Titans gets the Browns 12 and 19th over all. Chip just cant resist moving up for his man. Mariota ends up going to the team that covets him the most. The Browns pushed hard for Bradford but couldnt get the Rams to deal. They walk away with a Veteran QB and they still get a 1st round pick to grab the best WR available. The Titans get two first rounders to add what their roster lacks most... talent!

  3. Jaguars- Leonard Williams DE

  4. Raiders- Kevin White WR

  5. Redskins- Dante Fowler OLB

  6. JETS- Shane Ray DE… In every draft you can point to one spot and say that "this" was the spot that shaped the entire draft. I think THIS is that pick. There are a lot of players that can help the Jets in this spot, Cooper, Beasley, Dupree, Ray, Scherff, Parker etc. The fan in me wants the Jets to trade down a few spots and add a few picks to this and possibly next years draft. Possible trade partners are the Rams, Bears, Saints and Eagles if they are still at 20. Any team that covets Cooper...

  7. Bears- Amari Cooper WR

  8. Falcons- Vic Beasley OLB

  9. Giants- Brandon Scherff OG

  10. Rams- Devante Parker WR

  11. Vikings- Trae Waynes CB

  12. Titans (via Browns)- Danny Shelton DT

  13. Saints- Randy Gregory OLB

  14. Dolphins- La'el Collins OT

  15. 49’ers- Bud Dupree OLB

  16. Texans- Breshad Perriman WR

  17. Chargers- Todd Gurley RB

  18. Chiefs- Ereck Flowers OT

  19. Titans (via Browns)- Phillip Dorsett WR

  20. Browns (via Eagles)- Dorial Green Beckham WR

  21. Bengals- Arik Armstead DT

  22. Steelers- Landon Collins SS

  23. Lions- Jordan Phillips NT

  24. Cardinals- Jalen Collins CB

  25. Panthers- TJ Clemmings OT

  26. Ravens- Melvin Gordon RB

  27. Vikings (via Cowboys)- Marcus Peters CB Cowboys get Adrian Peterson for their 1+

  28. Broncos- Andrus Pete OT

  29. Colts- Cameron Erving C

  30. Packers- Eddie Goldman DT

  31. Saints- Devin Smith WR

  32. Bears (via Patriots)- Brett Hundley QB Pats get the Bears 2 and 4

Joey Celona @YourAverageJoe3

1. TB- Jameis Winston

2. PHI(thru TEN)- Marcus Mariota- In this mock, Chip does indeed get Marcus Mariota and as a result, Eagles fans everywhere go nuts. He does so in a three team trade with the Cleveland Browns and Tennessee Titans. In this hypothetical trade, the Eagles send recently acquired Sam Bradford to Cleveland for pick 19. The Browns reportedly offered pick 19 for Bradford just over a month ago. On Draft Day, Chip accepts. Next, he sends picks 19 and 20 along with ILB Mychal Kendricks to Tennessee for the second overall pick. There, the birds draft Marcus Mariota. Let's make some sense of this potential trade. Cleveland is clearly not happy with their current QB situation. As opposed to giving up picks 12 and 19 to draft Mariota at 2, in this trade, they get a starting QB in Bradford yet retain pick 12. There, they'd be wise to draft an OL or WR to help Bradford out. As far as the Titans, let's assume they are happy moving forward with Mettenberger as their QB. This would make it a no-brainer to give up pick 2 for three new starters (Kendricks, pick 19, pick 20) on a team with a ton of holes on its roster. The last guy I want to see traded is Kendricks, but he suddenly became the odd man out this offseason when Kiko was traded for and DeMeco was extended. This all leads me to believe Kendricks is on his way out, but if the Eagles are able to land Mariota, it's certainly worth it.

*PHI trades Bradford to CLE for 19 then 19,20, and Kendricks to TEN*

3. JAC- Dante Fowler Jr.

4. OAK- Leonard Williams

5. WAS- Vic Beasley

6. NYJ- Amari Cooper- By doing such a stellar job in Free Agency, the Jets have flexibility to do a lot at pick 6. They could go pass rusher, wide receiver, or even shock the world and roll the dice on Todd Gurley here. With the top two pass rushers off the board (Fowler, Beasley), my gut tells me they pull the trigger on one of the top two receivers, as both are still available. I went with Amari Cooper because he is the safer pick. If WR is the pick here, one thing is for sure: There should be no excuse for bad quarterback play in 2015. Whether it's Geno Smith, Ryan Fitzpatrick, or a rookie, the starting Jets QB would be surrounded by more than enough talent to have success. Marshall, Decker, Cooper/White, and Amaro could become quite an exciting receiving corps, something Jets fans have waited way too long for.

7. CHI- Danny Shelton

8. ATL- Brandon Scherff

9. NYG- Andrus Peat

10. STL- La'el Collins

11. MIN- Trae Waynes

12. CLE- Kevin White

13. NO- Bud Dupree

14. MIA- Kevin Johnson

15. SF- Arik Armstead

16. HOU- Devante Parker

17. SD- Todd Gurley

18. KC- DJ Humphries

19. TEN(from CLE)- Shane Ray

20. TEN(from PHI)- Breshad Perriman

21. CIN- Randy Gregory

22. PIT- Landon Collins

23. DAL(thru DET)- Melvin Gordon

*DAL trades #27 and a 3rd rd pick*

24. ARI- Jalen Collins

25. CAR- Ereck Flowers

26. BAL- Marcus Peters

27. DET(from DAL)- Malcolm Brown

28. DEN- TJ Clemmings

29. IND- Eddie Goldman

30. GB- Eric Kendricks

31. NO- Phillip Dorsett

32. NE- Shaq Thompsen

Evan Branch @tbrandsports101

1. Tampa Bay: QB, Jameis Winston 2. TRADE- Eagles: QB, Marcus Mariota If anyone knows Chip Kelly they know he loves his Oregon guys. It's no surprise that Chip would love to trade up to get Mariota. The Eagles would most likely have to trade QB Sam Bradford, swap first round picks this year with Tennessee and a 2016 first round pick for Mariota. Kelly believes that Mariota could run his offense better than any QB on the Eagles roster right now. Yes even Tebow... 3. Jacksonville: DE, Leonard Williams 4. Oakland: WR, Amari Cooper 5. Washington: OLB, Dante Fowler 6. NY Jets: DE, Shane Ray The New York Jets are one good pass rusher away from the most dominant defense in the NFL (on paper). With an already stacked secondary and excellent defensive line the would be upgrading their defense just that much more with Ray. With Richardson, Ray's former teammate in college, and Wilkerson demanding double teams Ray would have one on one coverage on the outside. Ray is more than capable to win that matchup a lot of the time and have a big rookie season. 7. Chicago: WR, Kevin White 8. Atlanta: OLB, Vic Beasley 9. NY Giants: OG, Brandon Scherff 10. Rams: OT, Ereck Flowers 11. Minnesota: CB, Trae Waynes 12. Browns: WR, DeVante Parker 13. Saints: OLB, Bud Dupree 14. Miami: CB, Marcus Peters 15. San Francisco: DT, Arik Armstead 16. Houston: WR, Jealen Strong 17. Chargers: RB, Todd Gurley 19. Browns: OT, Andrus Peat 20. Tennessee (trade from Eagles): NT, Danny Shelton 21. Cincinnati: DT, Malcom Brown 22. Steelers: SS, Landon Collins 23. Lions: NT, Jordan Phillips 24. Cardinals: OT, DJ Humphries 25. Carolina: OLB, Randy Gregory 26. Ravens: CB, Kevin Johnson 27. Cowboys: RB, Melvin Gordon 28. Broncos: OT, La'el Collins 29. Indianapolis: CB, Byron Jones 30. Green Bay: CB, Jalen Collins 31. Saints: WR, Dorial Green-Beckham 32. Patriots: WR, Nelson Agholor

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