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Inside and Outside the Lines: TE Edition

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Eagles Tight Ends

Ertz, Celek, Burton

It is pretty straight forward for the birds.

Ertz: He is your pass-catching TE who has improved on blocking if need be. His role will only increase in Chip Kellys offense.

Celek: He is your main blocking TE. Although he is the oldest of the 3 he still is used in the passing game and is a very underrated pass-catcher.

Burton: An undrafted rookie from Florida, he caught on pretty quickly in Chip Kellys offense. Primarily used in ST's and as an emergency RB you can say he is a jack of all trades. I fully expect him to still be vital in special teams but also see an increased role as a pass-catcher. He is undersized for a TE listed at 6'2. But the talent is there to be utilized differently and effectively.

Eagles could grab another TE in the draft but i think Eagles stick with 3.

Jets Tight Ends

Amaro, Davis, Sudfeld, Cumberland

Amaro: He will be the number 1 TE without question. His rookie season however was not as productive as one would have imagined. I believe Amaro failed due to the lack of a supporting cast on offense (QB, O-line) and also he was a rookie. Also his ex-head coach was as good as gone and didn't utilize Amaro like he should have. With Bowles he will thrive. Regarded as a four-star recruit by and Amaro ranked No. 3 in his class and No. 52 in Rivals top 100.

In his 3 years in college his totals were:

138 catches

1,818 yards

13.2 avg. yards

13 TD's

If you break it down in a per years standpoint his yearly totals are:

46 catches

606 yards

4.4 avg. yards

4 TD's

The per year totals may not appeal to many Jets fans but he has improved every year since his freshman year of college. Also, with wideouts like Marshall, Decker and Kerley I see a lot of open space for one Jace Amaro.

Davis: Prior to the 2015 NFL season the jets had no blocking TE's. Insert the underrated FA signing of Kellen Davis. He will do anything asked of him but will primarily block. I expect him to be a solid contributor both as a blocker and potential pass-catcher. The jets may not utilize him in that area much but in certain situations i would expect him to get the rock. Also, i expect him to be a key contributor on ST's.

Sudfeld/Cumberland: Both passing TE's none are of the blocking type. It comes down to who is the cheaper/younger option and in this case it will have to be Sudfeld. Cumberland has been a staple in the Jets organization since going undrafted in 2010. Though it may be hard to let go of someone like Cumberland most jets fans will understand the business side of it. It may be time to cut Cumberland loose and latch on to Amaro/Davis/Sudfeld.

I truly believe on the offensive side the Jets TE's are the most underrated group and will be the most sought after group by the Jets QB

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