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  • Alberto Torres

Concussions and Their Effect on Careers

I remember it was like yesterday the game where Donovan Mcnabb tore his ACL and missed the rest of the season. Fast forward until now and ACL's are a thing of the past. ACL's are no laughing matter but are more easily repaired and heal a lot quicker with how sports science and technology has evolved in the world of sports. The Eagles this offseason have received criticism for acquiring oft-injured players most notably with acl or hamstring issues. Some folks are ignoring something a lot more worrisome than ACL & Hamstring issues. What that you might ask? Concussions. The proof is in the pudding look how concussions have affected players on the field and off the field. The Market for players like Wes Welker and Austin Collie has died almost completely due to multiple reported concussions. Though it is a hot topic around the league, teams are getting smarter and shying away from concussed players. Now i believe as sports science and technology evolve and betters itself concussions will be less and less likely from occurring but until improvement is shown and concussions are considered a thing of the past teams won't sniff a player with a long concussion history. It is a reality sports athletes don't want to accept but once you signed up with a team, you know of the risks you were going to take all for the sake of making a mark in your sport. Injuries happen to the best and the worst of players. The injury bug has no favorites. In a way when a player gets treated for concussion like systems they try to brush it off because once it is known that they may have it they immediately know there time in sports is up.

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