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Taking a Look at the Eagles Safety Position: Who Will Emerge? By Ryan Neal

Heading into the season, there’s one position that is more important than the others for the Philadelphia Eagles and that is safety. The Eagles need to sort out who is their third safety on the roster before the season and here’s why. A player by the name of Corey Graham was on the Eagles last season and he had a bigger role than it would seem. During the season he was involved in around 45% of the defensive plays. That number sky rocketed to 60% in the playoffs and in the Super Bowl, he was one of the most active players on the field. His role as the third safety was to come in and allow the Eagles to move starting safety Malcolm Jenkins around to their liking, Jenkins played nickel cornerback, linebacker and even outside cornerback. Graham was key for the Eagles down the stretch. Moving forward, without Graham, who do the Eagles look to. There’s two players on the roster right now who could possibly be in the running for that role and those players are Tre Sullivan and Jeremy Reaves. This is Sullivan’s second year with the team and he’s impressed in the team’s OTAs. He’s a physical safety who always seems to be around the ball. Much like Sullivan, Reaves carries the same trait, he’s a ball hawk with big hit potential. Reaves had no division one offers due to an injury and he makes sure he carries a big chip on his shoulders because of that. The Eagles might not want to throw him right into the mix for now, but he definitely has the potential. There’s also the possibility the Eagles move a cornerback to safety or sign back Graham. Rasul Douglas played some safety in college as well as Jalen Mills. But, the Eagles seem content with keeping them where they are. The other option for them would be to sign back Graham for the veteran minimum. However, Graham is getting up there in age and he might want to go out a definite champion. In my opinion, the third safety role is Tre Sullivan’s to lose. He’s been highly praised by his teammates and coaches and in his second year, he’s looking to make the leap to starter. This training camp is big for him and big for the Eagles because finding the third safety will be a key for their defensive success.  

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