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Brandon's Best Bets Week 13 Edition

We had another 1-2 week to put us at 9-15 on the year. We’re looking at three road teams with tasty matchups including the Cowboys who have been money for us all year.

Dallas Cowboys (-4) at Minnesota Vikings

What makes the Cowboys so valuable from a fantasy perspective is their ability to put points on the board even when they’re running out the clock with their star RB and huge Offensive line. This has allowed them to beat the spread more often than not and leave us in the money.

San Francisco 49ers (+1) at Chicago Bears

These two teams aren’t very good but Kaepernick has been surprisingly good and has looked better every week as he builds his arm strength back up. This is a situation where you’re getting the point and the better QB and were gonna jump on it.

Washington Redskins (+2 ½)

The Redskins are only getting points here because they are the road team but Arizona will never be confused with the Black Hole or Seattle’s 12th man at Century Link, their home field advantage is so weak they were caught pumping fake crowd noise, also Cousins has a better completion % and passer rating on the road. The Cardinals aren’t the team they once where and Palmer is starting to feel his age. I’m looking to the Skins to take a late victory here.

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