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Rich Wilhelm @Koda522

Stephen Dubovy @stephendubovy

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars - Evan Neal, OT

  2. Detroit lions - Aidan Hutchinson, EDGE

  3. Houston Texans - Kayvon Thibodeaux, DE/OLB

  4. New York Jets - Kyle Hamilton, S

  5. New York Giants - Ickey Ekwonu, OT

  6. Carolina Panthers - Malik Willis, QB

  7. New York Giants - George Karlaftis, DE

  8. Atlanta Falcons - David Ojabo, EDGE

  9. Denver Broncos - Kenny Pickett, QB

  10. New York Jets - Drake London, WR

  11. Washington Commanders - Matt Corral, QB

  12. Minnesota Vikings - Derek Stingley Jr., CB

  13. Cleveland Browns - Garrett Wilson, WR

  14. Baltimore Ravens - Trevor Penning, OT

  15. Philadelphia Eagles - Treylon Burks, WR

  16. Philadelphia Eagles - George Karlaftis, EDGE

  17. Los Angeles Chargers - DeMarvin Leal, DE/DT

  18. New Orleans Saints - Sauce Gardner, CB

  19. Philadelphia Eagles - Tyler Linderbaum, C

  20. Pittsburgh Steelers - Sam Howell, QB

  21. New England Patriots - Kaiir Elam, CB

  22. Las Vegas Raiders - Devin Lloyd, LB

  23. Arizona Cardinals - Chris Olave, WR

  24. Dallas Cowboys - Nakobe Dean, LB

  25. Buffalo Bills - Andrew Booth, CB

  26. Tennessee Titans - Travon Walker, EDGE

  27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Zion Johnson, C

  28. Green Bay Packers - Jermaine Johnson II, EDGE

  29. Miami Dolphins - Drake Jackson, EDGE

  30. Kansas City Chiefs - Kaiir Elam, CB

  31. Cincinnati Bengals - Devonte Wyatt, DT

  32. Detroit Lions -George Pickens, WR

Noah Dubovy @DubovyN (First round plus a bonus!)

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars: Evan Neal (OT, Alabama)

  2. Detroit Lions: Aidan Hutchinson (EDGE, Michigan)

  3. Houston Texans: Kyle Hamilton (S/FS, Notre Dame)

  4. New York Jets: Kayvon Thibodeaux (EDGE, Oregon)

  5. New York Giants: Ickey Ekwonu (OT, N.C. State)

  6. Carolina Panthers: Kenny Pickett (QB, Pittsburgh)

  7. New York Giants: George Karlaftis (EDGE, Purdue)

  8. Atlanta Falcons: Ahmad Gardner (CB, Cincinnati)

  9. Pittsburgh Steelers (via trade with Denver Broncos): Malik Willis (QB, Liberty)

  10. New York Jets: Garret Wilson (WR, Ohio State)

  11. Washington Commanders: Matt Corral (QB, Ole Miss)

  12. Minnesota Vikings: Kenyon Green (OG, Texas A&M)

  13. Cleveland Browns: Drake London (WR, USC)

  14. Baltimore Ravens: Trevor Penning (OT, Northern Iowa)

  15. Philadelphia Eagles: Derek Stingley (CB, LSU)

  16. Philadelphia Eagles: Treylon Burks (WR, Arkansas)

  17. Los Angeles Chargers: Jordan Davis (DT, Georgia)

  18. New Orleans Saints: Charles Cross (OT, Mississippi State)

  19. Philadelphia Eagles: Devin Lloyd (LB, Utah)

  20. Denver Broncos (via trade with Pittsburgh Steelers): David Ojabo (EDGE, Michigan)

  21. New England Patriots: Tyler Linderbaum (C, Iowa)

  22. Las Vegas Raiders: Nakobe Dean (LB, Georgia)

  23. Arizona Cardinals: Zion Johnson (OG, Boston College)

  24. Dallas Cowboys: Chris Olave (WR, Ohio State)

  25. Buffalo Bills: Kaiir Elam (CB, Florida)

  26. Tennessee Titans: Jermaine Johnson (EDGE, FSU)

  27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jahan Dotson (WR, Penn State)

  28. Green Bay Packers: Andrew Booth Jr. (CB, Clemson)

  29. Miami Dolphins: Bernhard Rainman (OT, Central Michigan)

  30. Kansas City Chiefs: Jameson Williams (WR, Alabama)

  31. Cincinnati Bengals: Daniel Faalele (OT, Minnesota)

  32. Detroit Lions: Sam Howell (QB, North Carolina)

  33. Jacksonville Jaguars: Drake Jackson (EDGE, USC)

  34. Detroit Lions: David Bell (WR, Purdue)

  35. New York Jets: Darian Kinnard (OG, Kentucky)

  36. New York Giants: Lewis Cine (S, Georgia)

  37. Houston Texans: Travon Walker (EDGE, Georgia)

  38. New York Jets: Trey McBride (TE, Colorado State)

  39. Chicago Bears: Skyy Moore (WR, Western Michigan)

  40. Denver Broncos: Kyler Gordon (CB, Washington)

Alberto Torres

Kevin Lidlow @klidlow65

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars: Evan Neal OT Alabama: This offseason has to be about supporting Trevor Lawrence, drafting one of the best prospects is certainly a good start.

  2. Detroit Lions: Aidan Hutchinson Edge Michigan: Hutchinson is the perfect fit for the Lions, one of the best edge rushers in the draft and a natural leader.

  3. Houston Texans: Kayvon Thibodeaux Edge Oregon: Kayvon is a tremendous prospect, he could fall anywhere between 2 and 10. I have him falling to the Texans, I think he fits perfectly in Lovie Smith’s defensive scheme.

  4. New York Jets: Ickey Ekwonu OT N.C State: I see the Jets focusing on defense in free agency while adding a few offensive additions, but I see them really focusing on offense in the draft. Ickey is a hybrid lineman that can be moved to guard as well, something that would fit the Jets well.

  5. New York Giants: Travon Walker Edge Georgia: The Giants need more playmakers on defense, I think Walker's versatility and athleticism brings that.

  6. Carolina Panthers: Trevor Penning OT Northern Iowa: The Panthers have the talent but they need offensive line help badly, His Guard/Tackle flexibility should make him a day 1 starter.

  7. New York Giants: Kyle Hamilton S Notre Dame: Going defense with the first two picks might not make Giants fans happy, but they would improve it greatly.

  8. Atlanta Falcons: George Karlaftis Edge Purdue: The Falcons could use help on their defense especially when it comes to going after the quarterback.

  9. Denver Broncos: Jermaine Johnson Edge Florida State: The Broncos can go different directions with this pick, but I think for this one they boost the defensive line.

  10. Pittsburgh Steelers(via Jets): Kenny Pickett QB Pittsburgh: The Steelers trade up 10 spots to get the best quarterback in the draft. Meanwhile, Pickett doesn’t have to go far.

  11. Washington Commanders: Kenyon Green G Texas A&M: With the potential loss of Scherff to free agency, The Commanders are going to need to find his replacement.

  12. Minnesota Vikings: Trent McDuffie CB Washington: People aren’t talking enough about McDuffie, I think he could potentially be one of the top cornerbacks this year.

  13. Cleveland Browns: Drake London WR USC: A lot of people believe that the Browns are going to address the defense, I disagree the Browns need to build up this offense. Taking London here would be too good to pass up.

  14. Baltimore Ravens: Derek Stingley Jr CB LSU: The Ravens are known for taking the best player available, therefore they take a chance on Stingley. When healthy, he’s a top ten prospect.

  15. Philadelphia Eagles: David Ojabo Edge Michigan: The Eagles have three first round picks this year, all three very close to each other. They are going to use the first two to rebuild the defensive line.

  16. Philadelphia Eagles: Devonte Wyatt DT Georgia: Wyatt was a force at the Senior Bowl, I think he will raise his stock after the combine as well. The Eagles will get a great player here.

  17. Los Angeles Chargers: Chris Olave WR Ohio State: With Mike Williams being a free agent, the Chargers will need to find his replacement. Olave is a deep threat type of receiver that the Chargers are in need of.

  18. New Orleans Saints: Malik Willis QB Liberty: The Saints have a new coach and need a new quarterback as well, Hill is not the answer. After missing Pickett, Willis would be the next option.

  19. Philadelphia Eagles: Garrett Wilson WR Ohio State: The Eagles would have a young dynamic duo with Wilson and Smith.

  20. New York Jets(Via trade w/Pitt): Jameson Williams WR Alabama: Had he not tore his ACL, Williams would’ve gone top 10. Fortunately for the Jets being that they traded out of the ten spot. They get the best WR and the best part is that they won’t need to rush him back.

  21. New England Patriots: Devin Lloyd LB Utah: Lloyd would be a perfect fit in the patriots pass defense.

  22. Las Vegas Raiders: Charles Cross OT Mississippi State: Cross is a day 1 starter and fits a need for the Raiders.

  23. Arizona Cardinals: Kyler Gordon CB Washington: Daniel Jeremiah is really high on this young man, and believes will stand out at the combine.

  24. Dallas Cowboys: Nakobe Dean LB Georgia: Dean and Parsons would make a very scary duo. He is a leader and would allow more one on one’s for Parson to rush the passer.

  25. Buffalo Bills: Treylon Burks WR Arkansas: The Bills could go either CB or WR depending on how high their draft board is for each position. For this one here, I see them taking Burks because of what he could bring to that high powered offense.

  26. Tennessee Titans: Tyler Linderbaum C Iowa: Linderbaum was projected to go top ten, but given the amount of talent in this draft could result in him falling to 26. Nonetheless, they boost their offensive line here with what he brings to the table.

  27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jordan Davis DL Georgia: The Buccaneers could lose a lot of guys in free agency especially on the defense. Davis and Vea could be a force on the interior defensive line given his size.

  28. Green Bay Packers: Boye Mafe Edge Minnesota: The Packers could be letting go a lot of players to clear up cap space, one could be on the defensive side. Mafe brings that raw explosiveness that the Packers love.

  29. Miami Dolphins (Via 49ers): Tyler Smith OT Tulsa: Smith has tremendous agility and strength, but needs to clean up the penalties. But there is a lot of upside for him.

  30. Kansas City Chiefs: Dax Hill S Michigan: With the possibility of losing Mathieu in free agency, the Chiefs will look to the draft to find his replacement.

  31. Cincinnati Bengals: Bernhard Raimann OT Central Michigan: The Bengals shocked everyone by getting to the Super Bowl this past season, but it’s clear that they still need help on the offensive line. With an up and down week at the Senior Bowl, he does provide a lot of upside and could raise his stock at the combine.

  32. Detroit Lions (via Rams): Carson Strong QB Nevada: The Lions go quarterback with the last pick in the first round, they take someone who could sit behind Goff and learn. Eventually taking the QB1 role once Goff’s contract expires.

David Dubovy @DavidDubovy

1. Jacksonville Jaguars: Evan Neal, OT

2. Detroit Lions: Aidan Hutchinson, EDGE

3. Houston Texans: Kayvon Thibodeaux, EDGE

4. New York Jets: Kyle Hamilton, S

5. New York Giants: Ikem Ekwonu, OT

6. Carolina Panthers: Malik Willis, QB

7. New York Giants: George Karlaftis, EDGE

8. Atlanta Falcons: Derek Stingley Jr, CB

9. Denver Broncos: Matt Corral, QB

10. New York Jets: Chris Olave, WR

11. Washington Commanders: Kenny Pickett, QB

12. Minnesota Vikings: Ahmad Gardner, CB

13. Cleveland Browns: Garrett Wilson, WR

14. Baltimore Ravens: Kenyon Green, OG

15. Philadelphia Eagles: Drake London, WR

16. Philadelphia Eagles: Devin Lloyd, LB

17. Los Angeles Chargers: Jameson Williams, WR

18. New Orleans Saints: Jermaine Johnson ll, EDGE

19. Philadelphia Eagles: David Ojabo, EDGE

20. Pittsburgh Steelers: Trevor Penning, OT

21. New England Patriots: Travon Walker, EDGE

22. Las Vegas Raiders: Charles Cross, OT

23. Arizona Cardinals: Andrew Booth Jr, CB

24. Dallas Cowboys: Nakobe Dean, LB

25. Buffalo Bills: Treylon Burks, WR

26. Tennessee Titans: Tyler Linderbaum, C

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Sam Howell, QB

28. Green Bay Packers: Trent McDuffie, CB

29. Miami Dolphins: Kenneth Walker, RB

30. Kansas City Chiefs: Kaiir Elam, CB

31. Cincinnati Bengals: Zion Johnson, OG

32. Detroit Lions: DeMarvin Leal, DT

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