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  • Kevin Lidlow

Battle at MetLife stadium: How the Jets offense could find their identity against the Giants.

Two of the worst teams in the NFL are squaring off tomorrow at MetLife stadium, and it just so happens that they are crosstown rivals. The New York Jets will be set to take on the New York Giants and although both of these teams play in the Meadowlands, the Jets will be considered as the home team. Both of these teams are struggling and part of the reason is because of the lack of productivity on offense. The Giants and Jets have what they hope is their franchise quarterbacks in Sam Darnold and Daniel Jones , but with potential comes some growing pains and these young quarterbacks certainly are struggling. The biggest issue has been the turnovers from both ends, you expect that from a rookie quarterback learning about the NFL. But you don't expect to see that from a second year quarterback who was supposed to take the next level this year. Sam Darnold has to take matters to his own hands cause the coach is as clueless as a deer in the highlights, and he will have a good opportunity against a weak Giants defense.

The Giants have been struggling on defense even more specifically in the secondary, they are currently ranked 25th in pass coverages. The Jets receivers should have no problem and no excuses to get open, most of the Giants secondary are slow so I expect Robby Anderson to have a productive day against Janoris Jenkins. If there is a game that's going to help get Sam Darnold's confidence back, it has to be this game because it's another winnable game. Since he has returned from mono, the second year quarterback has not looked great in fact he has regressed. He's turned the ball over roughly eight times and they were plays you don't expect a second year quarterback to make. He needs to show us the Sam Darnold from late last year.

Last week's game against the Dolphins, it looked as though that Adam Gase gave up on this team or maybe the players quit. Either way it appears as though eight games in and the head coach have lost the locker room, he needs to find a way to get them back. It starts with this game against their crosstown rivals whose defense will allow them to get something figured out on this struggling offense.

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