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  • Kevin Lidlow

After starting the season 0-4, who is the blame for the failures on offense?

When Adam Gase was hired as the new head coach for the New York Jets, they believed that the team was bringing in a guy who was going to bring some life into an offense that hasn't a factor since the 2015 season. So far it has been the complete opposite of good, in fact this offense has been on a new level of bad. The historically bad offense ranks 32nd in practically every single category, the so called "offensive guru's" philosophy is as lame and uncreative as the entire offense. Is it fair to say that Gase deserves all of the blame for this teams lack of production on the offense? I would say that he deserves at most 85%-90% of the blame.

The rest of the 10% has to go towards the previous front office and how they spend their money through the off season in terms of their draft capital and free agents. The only two players that Jets fans can agree on is that signing both Le'veon Bell and CJ Mosley were great for this team. However this team didn't focus on the most crucial parts of this teams weaknesses, and that was the offensive line and a pass rush. Even though Anthony Barr would've been that type of guy had he not backed out of his deal with the Jets, they had failed to adjust it during the aftermath. They only made one move on the offensive line and that was trading for Kelechi Osmele from the Raiders, we didn't see them sign anyone until early in the preseason.

This resulted in failure on the offensive line, they have allowed 10 sacks to a Philadelphia Eagles team that who had 3 sacks in the past three games. Backup quarterback Luke Falk barely had any time dropping back to pass, imagine how Sam Darnold will do when he returns to the starting lineup. It has literally been a project just trying to gain a first down, they've even been to the red zone just twice in the four games they played.

It's safe to say that Adam Gase deserves majority of the blame for the offensive struggles on this team. He mentioned that he would get the offense fixed after the bye week but that clearly didn't happen. I hope that when this team is finally healthy, they would be a much better team. However it's about believing when we see it at this point and as of right now, my hope for any type of success is at an all time low.

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