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Brandon Turner’s Best Bets: Week 5

Ok if you haven’t figured out the theme yet for this season, it is always bet against me. We went 0-3 last week to go to 4-8 on the season. Look, I hoped this would be the season where I don’t start slow and spend the entire middle of the season getting back in the green but it’s clear now this is who I am. I need to accept that. The good news is this is kinda sorta getting to be the middle of the season so all the winning should start right now! Right? Right! Baltimore Ravens (-3.5) at Pittsburgh Steelers The Steelers pushed this line close by dominating the Bengals and being at home. I feel both these factors aren’t as important as the line would suggest. As Warren Sharp and Adam Lefkoe pointed out on their podcast this week, road vs home just isn’t the factor it used to be. Road teams are winning now more than they ever have in the history of the sport and if anything visiting their longtime rival’s stadium should ignite a ton of energy into this ravens squad. The Bengals win was more a factor of the Bengals ineptitude than a dominant Steelers defense, they won’t have the same success versus the Ravens stout O line.

Kansas City Chiefs (-11.0) vs Indianapolis Colts The Chiefs are an offensive juggernaut and the Colts are all sorts of banged up. An injured Darius Leonard, two injured safeties, and an injured marlon mack sort of casts doubt on the Colts ability to keep this one close and put the line in question. Take the home favorites.

Denver Broncos (+6.0) at Los Angeles Chargers The Broncos aren’t as bad as their record indicates, their offense can be good when they have a run game to rely on and the Chargers haven’t shown they can stop anything on the ground this season. The Chargers are also dealing with some injuries, while the Broncos are getting some guys back. I could see the Broncos getting their first win here and the fact that I get a 6 point cushion makes me like this bet. 

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