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Brandon Turner’s Best Bets: Week 4

Our goal this season was to NOT start slow and have to make up for it at the end. We have failed as a 1-2 week last week brought our season total to 4-5. The Patriots, WHOM ALWAYS RUN UP THE SCORE, decided to take the pressure off versus a divisional opponent and allow backup QB Stidham kill the spread with a pick 6. We’re going to start bouncing back this week with 3 new picks against the spread. Dallas Cowboys (-3) at New Orleans Saints Look, we bet against Sean Payton and got burnt last week. I’m that kid that loves to touch the stove over and over, but come on the Cowboys are way too talented to lose to a QB less Saints team. They have stars at every single position, last week the Saints raw talent was too much for the Seahawks but Payton can’t possible outcoach Garret enough to pull this off, right?

Kansas City Chiefs (-7.5) at Detroit Lions The fear here is that the same magic Belichick has used to slow down Mahomes will also be used by his former disciple. I just don’t think the Lions have the level of defensive talent the Patriots do though and even if they do a good job shutting down some things Mahomes likes to do he is just way too talented at improvisation to be shut down. The Lions may keep this close for a while, but eventually they’ll get tired and Mahomes will blow the game open.

New England Patriots (-7.5) at Buffalo Bills I love betting games that I would be thrilled to be wrong about, either I make money or I see the Pats lose and that’s always fun. The only downside is if the Pats win but fail to cover but I don’t see that happening here. This Pats team is one of the most talented I’ve ever seen, the offense is a juggernaut like usual but their defense is just as dangerous. Josh Allen is a bundle of talent but he consistently plays sloppy and banks on his stout defense giving him enough opportunities to pull something off to win the game. You can’t make mistakes versus the Patriots. John Brown and Cole Beasley have been improvements for Allen but they are nowhere near talented enough to get open consistently versus the Patriots. If the Bills are going to win this, or even keep it close this will have to be the coming out game for Josh Allen and McDermott is going to have to have figured out something no one else has in stopping the Patriots offense. I wish them luck, but I’m betting with my head. 

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