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  • Kevin Lidlow

New Uniforms mean a fresh start for the Jets

After one year since the Jets announced they would be getting new uniforms, it was finally revealed yesterday and even though the reveal party wasn't that great the main attention was going to be what the uniforms were going to look like. The wait was definitely worth it because myself and majority of Jets fans seem to really like how it turned out, the uniforms look like a modern version of what the 80's jerseys looked but a better sense of style. They also included a alternate jersey that is mainly black with a green stripe across the shoulder pads, not to mention that they also went with a all green helmet. No longer will they have the old white helmet with the logo and stripes going through the top of the helmet. Overall the new uniforms look very sharp and it seems fitting to say that this is another addition to what this off season has been portrayed as a "Fresh Start".

The Jets are rocking a new style no question about it, but as our second year quarterback mentioned, "Fans will love our uniforms, as long as we are winning" but can a change in a simple uniform really make that much of a impact? I seem to believe so because the uniforms represent change, when the Seahawks changed their uniforms in 2012 they became a contender of course they certainly had the talent as well but it brought change to that organization. Throughout the off season, the Jets brought in some talent on both the offense and defense as well as changing their coaching staff who can possibly light a fire under this team.

When you look good, you feel good and when that happens you play good; the Jets certainly look good with their new uniforms and since it brings a fresh start to this team that desperately needed it for the passed decade, you start to feel a little better going into the season that maybe we as Jets fans might actually see this team finally see some progress. The next step for the New York Jets will be the NFL draft where they will look to add a pass rusher or maybe even gain some more assets so that they can bring depth to this roster.

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