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OBJ: The New Brett Favre by Vincent Zahler

“We didn't sign him to trade him.” - GM Dave Gettleman It's been about a decade since the sports world was mercifully able to say it final goodbye to Brett Favre as an NFL player. To every sportswriter, commentator, analyst, and fan, that final goodbye took way too long to come. The once universally beloved folk hero of the NFL had just about worn everyone out from being the annual nonstop filler topic during the NFL offseason. It had come to the point where many admitted that they were tired of even saying his name at all. A single issue of Sports Illustrated actually promoted itself as been “Favre free” on the cover as an acknowledgement of the exhaustion that Brett Favre had on everyone after about 4 years of retirement talk only for him to either stick around or even return from retirement. In the case of Odell Beckham Jr. the guy has put such a microscope on himself due to his play on the field but more notably, his on and off the field antics. Whether it's headbutting walls, tool chests, and opposing players, or doing ridiculous interviews with Lil’ Wayne, OBJ can't seem to get away from the media's attention. With the Underwear Olympics having come and gone, we have returned to the rumor mill for our NFL sporting news. This of course leads to everything being news. Every social media post by a player, especially a controversial one, now has some sort of underlying meaning. This is become the case with Odell Beckham and the persistent trade rumors. Prior to OBJ signing the long-term contract, many, including myself, predicted that Odell Beckham would not remain with the Giants over money issues as well of the front office and coaching staff just being worn out with him. Instead, he's continued to perform well and signed on the dotted line to keep wearing blue for the foreseeable future. As far as I'm concerned, because of the commitment made in writing and the direct stance made by GM Dave Gettleman as he shot down trade question, unless some incredibly dramatic scandal comes to light and/or some mind-blowing offer is thrown on the table involving OBJ, he's not going anywhere anytime soon. Has his contract or the hardline statement from Gettleman done anything slow the traffic being generated from the sports media machine? Of course not. Until the day he actually leaves the Giants in one way or another, he will dominate offseason filler articles based on trade rumors and we will be subjected to them the same way were subjected to Brett Favre and the wall-to-wall coverage of his waffling. The draft can't get here soon enough.

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