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  • Stephen Dubovy

Names to Watch for the New York Jets

The 2019 offseason is here, and free agency is right around the corner. The Jets have a lot to think about as their future looms depending on what moves they make this offseason. When it comes to free agents, I think Adam Gase's presence will have an impact on the offensive side of the ball. The Jets will have an estimated $98M in cap room which is second most in the league, right behind the Indianapolis Colts. At the end of the 2018 season, General Manager Mike Maccagnan promised his fans he’d be “very active” in March when free agency starts. Jets have a lot of holes in their roster and with almost $100M, he can fill those holes with talent and can potentially build a winning team with a rising quarterback like Sam Darnold. The idea should be to build around Darnold to develop him and Jamal Adams on the defensive side of the ball.

First, Le’Veon Bell would be a great fit for New York. He held out and didn’t play all of last season so he should be healed and healthy. New York is a big market city for Le’Veon to takeover and make noise. If the Jets can’t land Bell, they should consider signing running back Tevin Coleman. He’s an effective receiver and runner that can help Sam Darnold and potentially be a great fit for Adam Gase's offense. If the Jets want to think short-term, they should think about signing wide receiver Golden Tate. He was very productive with the Lions (before being traded to Philadelphia). Down side is he’s 31 years old but a great slot receiver. Overall, this should be an interesting offseason and Mike Maccagnan has big decisions ahead of him.

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