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  • Kevin Lidlow

Biggest takeaway from the Jets loss to the Patriots.

The Jets are now facing an all time low losing their fifth straight game to the New England Patriots today by a score of 27-13 in yet another game where the offense couldn't get anything going , especially when the game was as close as it was. It goes to show that this was another game where the coaching staff not only failed with in game preparations but they looked clueless all game long. An example of this was where the Patriots faced a 4th and 2 in addition had a penalty, Todd Bowles decided to accept the penalty and gave the Patriots another chance on a 3rd and 12. The very next play the Patriots scored on a pass from Brady to Gronkowski, now it's tough to say that if the Pats were going to go for it on a 4th down situation especially in the Jets territory but he should've declined the penalty and trust his defense to get the stop if they had went for it. That to me shows either his lack of confidence in his team or the head coach really does not the down of distance or anything about coaching.

Speaking of coaching, after scoring a touchdown in the first quarter the offense was only able to score a total of six points for the rest of the game. Offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates called a total of 50 passing plays and only 12 run plays, completing taking the run game away where the Patriots defense was ranked 25th overall against the run. Josh McCown had a decent day, throwing 26 for 45, with 276 yards 1 touchdown and an interception. Both Enunwa and Herndon continued to be the only bright spots on this team as Enunwa caught 4 passes for 73 yards and Herndon caught 7 passes for 57 yards. The Jets have the talent but the coaching seems to continue to be the problem as their offensive coordinator can't utilize their strengths.

During the off season, we talked about the defense being the strong suit of this team and in some cases in the season it has been, but recently it has become part of the problem not the solution. Jamal Adams is the exception because he is the only playmaker on this defense, but he can't simply do it on his own. The rest of this team needs to pick it up, this is their fifth straight game (franchise record) of not creating a single turnover and they imploded in the second half. They allowed 498 yards 215 on the ground as the Patriots just continued to run the football against this depleted Jets defense.

We are all looking for the next Sean McVay, but if you think about it he inherited a stud running back in Todd Gurley and Aaron Donald who is a force on the defensive line. The Jets on the other hand can't just look for a head coach and hope he can just turn things around, with $100 million in cap space in addition to a possible top 5 draft pick the Jets have to get more playmakers on this team if they want any chance to be a legitimate contender.

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