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  • Kevin Lidlow

Where do the Jets go from here as they lose to the Buffalo Bills 41-10.

Just as you thought it couldn't get any worse, it went completely worse as the Jets not only lose but lose to a Buffalo Bills team led by 4th string quarterback Matt Barkley who hasn't played since 2016. From the first play of the game to the last, this Bills team who barely scored 30 points in 4 games combined, they scored 31 in the first half alone as they torched the Jets secondary with the deep ball and allowed LeSean McCoy run down the field consistently and the offense having a non stop three and out to put the defense back out there only to get beat again. That was the story of this game and without a question has been the most embarrassing game this season, which leaves the question as to where does the Jets go from here. But before I do that, here are some of my grades from the Jets:

Offense: I give the offense an F because they failed to even get a sustainable drive all game and didn't even get a single first down until late in the first quarter. Offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates said earlier in the week that he scripted the first 15 plays of the game, I wonder if he predicted the same results in his head as to like it was in the game. If that was the case then maybe he could make some adjustments to help this offense actually drive down the field a score some points or how about letting the receivers actually run routes in addition to creating mismatches.

Josh McCown who made his debut today over the injured Sam Darnold didn't light any spark into the offense as he went 17/34 for 135 yards and two interceptions, while the run game was non existent in addition to the horrendous passing game as they only recorded a total of 79 yards on the ground.

Defense: F- I also give the defense an F due to the fact that they got picked apart from the Bills fourth string quarterback who went 15/25 for 232 yards and two touchdowns in addition to giving up 113 yards rushing to McCoy, who also scored two touchdowns as well. The defense looked like they weren't lined up in the right spot and the secondary got beat multiple times by the deep ball.

The only thing that went some what right was the special teams when they were able to help the offense by putting them in decent field position, therefore I give them a C+ but overall this was an even more ugly game than the ones previous. This leaves the question as to where does this team go from here?, the Jets will be on a bye week next week before taking on the New England Patriots so this will be a gut check for this team and hope that they find their identity because if not, then it's time for a change.

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