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Not Too Good, Pretty Bad, and Very Ugly by Vincent Zahler

There’s no shortage of oft-repeated quotes regarding the hitting of rock bottom and having to persevere in order to come up from it. They’ve been said before and each one fits the current state of the New York Football Giants better than the previous. Even fans who endured the 70’s are coming out to say this has been worse. As if it couldn’t get anymore embarrassing, they’re about to get yet another nationally televised spot against a fellow bottom feeding team that humiliated the Giants a year ago this time. The Giants have just 4 wins since Odell Beckham and company infamously went on a South Beach Miami boat ride just prior to a playoff game and proceeded to drop critical passes in said playoff game. They haven’t won back to back games since December 2016. The franchise quarterback Eli Manning is having a rather depressing final farewell tour as his is clearly seeing ghosts and hearing footsteps which is causing him to simply slump to the ground the moment pressure shows its face. Defensively, nothing exciting as been happening despite high profile names littered across it and what more can be said about the complete disaster that has been the supposedly revamped offensive line? Some “good” news. A handful of young and exceptionally talented players are scattered around the roster. Of them, top 3 wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr, a top flight strong safety in Landon Collins, and 2 stud rookies with guard Will Hernandez and most notably, offensive rookie of the year candidate running back Saquon Barkley. On special teams, Aldrick Rosas has quietly been impressive after a disappointing rookie season. After taking one last shot to win with what is currently available and failing miserably, its apparent the franchise is officially in tank/rebuilding mode and there’s few better ways to rebuild than having a slew of picks. Especially the first overall pick of which the Giants are on pace for with hopes that a special talent at the quarterback position(Justin Herbert from Oregon) will declare and be available to replace the rapidly declining Eli Manning. At this point, one can only hope as we certainly shouldn’t expect a win streak anytime soon nor should we want one at the moment. So now coming out of a midseason break, lets remember that “Every cloud has a silver lining” and “When you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up”.  

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