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Brandon Turner’s Best Bets: Week 4

Like most of the betting world we took a beating last week during “upset week.” Which saw surprises like the Bills manhandling the Vikings and the Lions holding Brady and co. to ten points. Undeterred were back in week 4 to deliver you 3 tasty lines we think you can cash in on to help save your wallet after last week. Kansas City Chiefs (-5) at Denver Broncos Case Keenum has been shaky all season, relying on Phillip Lindsay, Royce Freeman, and a dominant Denver defense. Against the Chiefs he will be forced to get into a shootout with Patrick Mahomes and is more apt to throw a pick that puts the game out of reach than step up to the challenge. The Chiefs simply have too many weapons and they will pull away in this game making the 5 point deficit easy to stand.

Miami Dolphins (+7) at New England Patriots The Dolphins are nowhere near the world beaters they think they are. They will be exposed as a good not great team as the season goes on but the fact is the Patriots aren’t a great team either. Teams are figuring out that by double teaming Gronk, Brady doesn’t have a go to target or anyone who can stretch a defense deep. Josh Gordon should help with that but it will take time before he gets on the same page as the notoriously picky Brady. Gordon won’t be able to just flex his athleticism and live off separation. Brady demands timing and perfect routes and while they will likely explode here and there it will take time before they’re able to consistently make defenses afraid. This game will likely be close and the Patriots will probably even win but 7 points is a huge amount of points to be spotted with a Patriots defense that can’t seem to stop anyone from scoring at will.

Cleveland Browns (+3) at Oakland Raiders The Browns are a much more talented team than the Raiders, and they’re getting points in this matchup because of their history and its Baker’s first start. They have stacked top picks for years and years, and even with Hue Jackson at the helm, the talent is shining through. Myles Garret and Denzel Ward are absolute studs and Baker Mayfield isn’t an illusion. I think they’ll win in Oakland and by a lot. This will be the coming out game for the Browns and for Baker, watch out AFC. This is the last time the Browns will get points versus a bad team in a long time, take advantage. 

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