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Interstate of Green: The Final Mock Draft 4.0

Rich Wilhelm @koda522

1 Browns- Sam Darnold (The Jets have forced the Browns hand they can no longer wait until 4 to draft a QB. Even though Tyrod is the QB1, Browns still need a QB of the future. Drafting Darnold here will give the Browns flexibility and let Darnold sit and learn)

2 Giants- Saquon Barkley (Barkley is the best athlete in this draft and it is not close. Giants seem to be building around Eli and will wait until 2019 to draft their QB of the future)

3 Jets- Josh Rosen (Rosen is the best quarterback available. He is not a wildcard and he is not an up and comer. Rosen is the real deal. The trade pays off for the Jets)

4 Browns- Bradley Chubb (Myles Garrett on one end, Bradley Chubb on the other. Instantly becomes one of the best sets of DEs in the NFL. Minkah Fitzpatrick also an option here if they want to play him at CB. Trade down likely)

5 Broncos- Josh Allen (Allen seems like the prototypical no nonsense QB Elway loves. Think Mayfield is too risky for Elway and will go with the kid with upside)

6 *Trade* Bills- Baker Mayfield (Bills trade up from 12 to 6 and get their guy. McCarron and Peterman are a bleak combination and Mayfield will be great in that system)

7 Bucs- Minkah Fitzpatrick

8 Bears- Quenton Nelson

9 49ers- Derwin James

10 Raiders- Denzel Ward

11 Dolphins- Roquan Smith

12 Colts- Vita Vea

13 Redskins- Marcus Davenport

14 Packers- Jaire Alexander

15 Cardinals- Lamar Jackson

16 Ravens- Connor Williams

17 Chargers- Tremaine Edmunds

18 Seahawks- Will Hernandez

19 Cowboys- Calvin Ridley

20 Lions- Leighton Vander Esch

21 Bengals- Da’Ron Payne

22 Bills- Orlando Brown

23 Patriots- Josh Jackson

24 Panthers- Christian Kirk

25 Titans- Mike Hughes

26 Falcons- Mike McGlinchey

27 Saints- Taven Bryan

28 Steelers- Ronnie Harrison

29 Jags- Hayden Hurst

30 Vikings- Isiah Oliver

31 Patriots- Mason Rudolph

32 Eagles- Derrius Guice

Craig Gorbunoff @cgorbs94

1 Browns- Sam Darnold - I think the Baker Mayfield talk is a smoke screen to get QB needy teams to try and trade up to 4 for Darnold. We'll find out tonight!

2 Giants- Bradley Chubb - I still think this is the best pick for New York. A return to their winning ways

3 Jets- Baker Mayfield - Broadway Baker has the charm, charisma, and character to win in New York.

4 Browns- Saquon Barkley - Brown win the draft with the best running back in the country

5 Broncos- Josh Allen

6 Colts - Quenton Nelson -The Hall of Famer goes to Indy to protect Luck

7 Bucs- Minkah Fitzpatrick

8 *Trade Bills - Josh Rosen - Bills jump up to get a QB who reminds me a bunch of Kelly

9 49ers- Denzel Ward

10 Raiders- Roquan Smith

11 Dolphins- Tremaine Edmunds

12 Bears - Vita Vea

13 Redskins- Da'ron Payne

14 Packers- Josh Jackson

15 Cardinals- Lamar Jackson

16 Ravens- Rashaan Evans

17 Chargers- Orlando Brown

18 Seahawks- Will Hernandez

19 Cowboys- Calvin Ridley - Replacement for Dez Bryant

20 Lions- Mike Gesicki - Finally Stafford gets a weapon over the middle

21 Bengals- Taven Bryan

22 Bears via Bills trade - Hayden Hurst

23 Patriots- Mason Rudolph

24 Panthers- Deon Cain

25 Titans- Christian Kirk

26 Falcons- D.J. Chark

27 Saints- Courtland Sutton

28 Steelers- Derwin James

29 Jags- Mike McGlinchey

30 Vikings- Isaiah Wynn

31 Patriots- Carlton Davis

32 Eagles- Ronald Jones

David Dubovy @DavidDubovy

1. Browns: Josh Allen- QB, Wyoming 2. Giants: Saquan Barkley- RB, Penn State 3. Jets: Sam Darnold- QB, USC 4. Browns: Bradley Chubb- DE, NC State 5. Broncos: Baker Mayfield- QB, Oklahoma 6. Colts: Quenton Nelson- G, Notre Dame 7. Buccaneers: Minkah Fitzpatrick- DB, Alabama 8. Bears: Roquan Smith- ILB, Georgia 9. 49ers: Denzel Ward- CB, Ohio State 10. Raiders: Derwin James- DB, Florida State 11. Dolphins: Josh Rosen- QB, UCLA 12. Bills: Lamar Jackson- QB, Louisville 13. Redskins: Trumaine Edmunds- LB, Virginia Tech 14. Packers: Vita Vea- DT, Washington 15. Cardinals: Mason Rudolph- QB, Oklahoma State 16. Ravens: Calvin Ridley- WR, Alabama 17. Chargers: Connor Williams- OT, Texas 18. Seahawks: Joshua Jackson- DB, Iowa 19. Cowboys: Hayden Hurst- TE, South Carolina 20. Lions: Mike Gesicki- TE, Penn State 21. Bengals: Marcus Davenport- DE, UTSA 22. Bills: Mike McGlinchey- G, Notre Dame 23. Patriots: Kolton Miller- OT, UCLA 24. Panthers: Harold Landry- OLB, Boston College 25. Titans: Rashaan Evans- LB, Alabama 26. Falcons: Da’Ron Payne- DT, Alabama 27. Saints: Will Hernandez- G, UTEP 28. Steelers: Leighton Vander Esch- ILB, Boise State 29. Jaguars: Jaire Alexander- CB, Louisville 30. Vikings: Orlando Brown- OT, Oklahoma 31. Patriots: Derrius Guice- RB, LSU 32. Eagles: Courtland Sutton- WR, SMU

Kevin Lidlow @klidlow65

Cleveland Browns- Baker Mayfield QB Oklahoma- The Browns are 50/50 on Allen or Mayfield for the number one overall pick. My last mock draft, I had the Giants trading up to number one to get Darnold because they would only consider in this quarterback class. Although I can still seeing that happen, I say the Browns take Mayfield here. New York Giants- Saquon Barkley RB Penn State- I have been back and forth with who the Giants will take with the second pick but I’ve come down to the decision that they are going to take Barkley here. I think they wait and see what Davis Webb can do before they make a decision to get another one. New York Jets- Josh Rosen QB UCLA: Three quarterbacks taken with the first three picks of the draft, and the Jets get another quarterback who arguably is one of the best in this draft. The only thing that bothers me is that if he is committed to football or not. But regardless he can sit for a year and can possibly be the guy that can turn this franchise around. Cleveland Browns- Bradley Chubb DE NC state: The Browns got the QB they wanted, now they boost up the defensive line by taking the best DE in the draft and compliment Myles Garrett. Buffalo Bills-Sam Darnold QB USC. The Bills make two trades this offseason as they try to move up in the draft to take a quarterback. They trade up to number 5 and take Darnold who falls right to their lap. Arizona Cardinals- Josh Allen QB Wyoming: The Colts are just stacking up draft picks for this year and next year. They trade with the Cardinals because they offer a lot to move to the 6 pick to get the next best QB in the draft. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Marcus Davenport DE Texas- San Antonio: The Buccaneers defensive line was awful last year and need some life at pass rush. Davenport has been a big surprise all season long and has become the second best DE in the draft. Chicago Bears- Minkah Fitzpatrick CB Alabama: The Bears get the best corner in the draft falling right to the eight pick with the quarterbacks going in the first six picks. They need to replace Fuller and Fitzpatrick can fill that void. San Francisco 49ers- Tremaine Edmunds LB Virginia Tech: Adding another tremendous linebacker to compliment Reuben Foster is exactly what the 49ers would do. He has a rare blend of speed and athleticism. Oakland Raiders- Roquan Smith LB Georgia: A little bit undersized but he can make plays sideline to sideline and he has a good physical presence. Miami Dolphins- Denzel Ward CB ohio state: The Dolphins need an upgrade at secondary and Ward is a dynamic player who can make some big plays. I think he falls to the Dolphins at 11. Denver Broncos- Mason Rudolph QB Oklahoma state: This is where Rudolph will fall to at 12 and with the two first rounders (compliments of Buffalo) they get a QB and some more weapons around him. Washington Redskins- Derwin James S Florida State: The Redskins traded away their safety to the Broncos, so they will be looking to add one in the draft. Green Bay Packers- Mike Hughes CB Central Florida: Packers need a corner and Hughes is a physical back that can help boost this defense Indianapolis Colts- Cardinals got the QB they wanted and the Colts stock up on picks. Baltimore Ravens- Calvin Ridley WR Alabama: A quarterback heavy draft should make the Ravens consider drafting one because Flacco is getting older but they have other needs as well like a wide receiver. Los Angeles Chargers- Vita Vea DT Washington: A top 10 talent is just way too good to pass up for the Chargers, who needs a good interior defensive lineman. Seattle Seahawks- Arden Key DE LSU: The Seahawks are looking to get younger and are looking to get rid of Michael Bennett. Arden Key makes sense here. Dallas Cowboys- Courtland Sutton WR SMU: Dez Bryant is getting older and doesn’t seem to be as productive as he used to be. Sutton is a 6’4 guy that could be a good addition to this team. Detroit Lions- Taven Bryan DT Florida: A new head coach needs a new toy and why not take a guy who can play anywhere at the defensive line. Cincinnati Bengals- Quentin Nelson OG Notre Dame: Talk about a steal in the draft, the Bengals could get the best offensive lineman in this draft after trading for a Left tackle from the Buffalo Bills. Denver Broncos (via Buffalo trade)- Mike McGlinchey OT Notre Dame: A new quarterback, a couple of draft picks, and some offensive line, The Broncos are looking to reshape this offensive unit and they do so here at 22. New England Patriots- Josh Jackson CB Iowa: After the Patriots dealt Brandin Cooks to the Rams for their first round pick, The Pats have two first rounders and I think they take a corner here. Carolina Panthers- Sam Hubbard DE Ohio state: The Panthers are in need of a pass rush, I think they get one here with Hubbard being available at 24. Tennessee Titans- Josh Jackson CB Iowa: The Titans are decent at the cornerback position but lack a true lockdown number 1 corner and I think Jackson can be that guy. Atlanta Falcons- Isaiah Wynn G Georgia: He played left tackle at college, but would be better at guard in the next level. New Orleans Saints- Mike Gesicki TE Penn State: He has been a surprise at the combine, taller than Calvin Johnson, jumps higher than Beckham, this guy is a special player. Pittsburgh Steelers- Leighton Vander Esch ILB Boise st.: The Steelers love the big physical backers and they take another one here. Jacksonville Jaguars- Hayden Hurst TE South Carolina: The Jaguars are possibly losing Robinson to free agency and need a tight end. He may be a little older but I believe has potential. Minnesota Vikings- Da’Ron Payne DT Alabama: After just coming up short in the NFC championship game, the Vikings are going to look to keep building their defense and they go interior defensive line here. New England Patriots- Kolton Miller OT UCLA- The Patriots need some help on the offensive line after losing some key players and I think they take a tackle here from UCLA. Philadelphia Eagles- Marcel Ateman WR Oklahoma state: The Eagles have lost Torrey Smith, and will be looking for a new wideout. At 6”4 he will be the kind of player Wentz will throw at the top shelf for.

Alberto Torres @GoodellRafi

  1. Cleveland Browns- QB Baker Mayfield

  2. New York Giants- QB Sam Darnold

  3. New York Jets- QB Josh Rosen

  4. Cleveland Browns- DE Bradley Chubb

  5. Denver Broncos- RB Saquon Barkley

  6. Indianapolis Colts- OT Mike McGlinchey

  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- S Derwin James

  8. Chicago Bears- LB Roquan Smith

  9. San Francisco 49ers- G Quenton Nelson

  10. Oakland Raiders- CB Denzel Ward

  11. Miami Dolphins- QB Lamar Jackson

  12. Buffalo Bills- QB Josh Allen

  13. Washington Redskins- DT Vita Vea

  14. Green Bay Packers- WR Calvin Ridley

  15. Arizona Cardinals- TE Mike Gesicki

  16. Baltimore Ravens- G Isaiah Wynn

  17. LA Chargers- QB Mason Rudolph

  18. Seattle Seahawks- TE Dallas Goedert

  19. Dallas Cowboys- WR Courtland Sutton

  20. Detroit Lions- TE Hayden Hurst

  21. Cincinnati Bengals- LB Tremaine Edwards

  22. Buffalo Bills- G Will Hernandez

  23. New England Patriots- RB Derius Guice

  24. Carolina Panthers- WR Christian Kirk

  25. Tennessee Titans- DL Da'Ron Payne

  26. Atlanta Falcons- WR James Washington

  27. New Orleans saints- Edge Sam Hubbard

  28. Pittsburgh Steelers- LB Rashaan Evans

  29. Jacksonville Jaguars- TE Mark Andrews

  30. Minnesota Vikings- CB Josh Jackson

  31. New England Patriots QB Kyle Lauletta

  32. Philadelphia Eagles- RB Sony Michel

John Hazelet @JohnHazelet475

1. Browns: QB USC, Sam Darnold: The Browns have more than a need for a QB. I can make the case they take Barkley here and take their QB with the 4th pick but I can't discount the fact that the last GM basically lost his job for passing on QB's the last 2 years. Darnold is the most complete QB in the draft and I think the Browns solve their need for a franchise QB with this pick.

2. Giants: RB PSU, Saquon Barkley: Every year in the top 10 of the draft their is a team that sets the tone for the rest of the draft with their pick... the Giants are that team this year. Barkley, Nelson, Chubb, a trade back or one of the three QB's all make sense in this spot. The Giants find themselves in the right place at the right time. Barkley will make this offense fun to watch. It will also be fun to watch him in the same offense as a healthy OBJ and last years number one Evan Engram.

3. Jets: QB UCLA, Josh Rosen: After trading 4 premium draft picks to move up 3 spots in the draft this pick could only be a QB. The Jets find themselves with the choice of 3 of the top 4. Mayfield or Allen would not shock me in this spot (how could they). Rosen is the most pro ready QB in this years draft. He is an intelligent guy and needs to be challenged mentally. I think Jeremy Bates and Josh McCown will be good for Rosen.

4. Browns: DE N.C.State, Bradley Chubb: Teaming Chubb with last years first over all Myles Garrett give the Browns a pass rush to be reckoned with.

5. Broncos: G Notre Dame, Quenton Nelson: Possibly a spot for a QB needy team to move up but I don't think John Elway can pass on what might be the drafts surest star player. Nelson has the ability to be a mainstay on the Broncos O-Line for the next decade.

6. Bills: (from Colts) QB Wyoming, Josh Allen: After fleecing the Jets for 4 premium draft picks, the Colts find themselves in a spot to add some more draft revenue. The Bills come up for the QB they desperately need and beat Miami and the Cardinals to the punch.

7. Buccs: S FSU, Derwin James: James is a jack of all trades type defensive back with great cover skills.

8. Dolphins: (from Bears) QB Oaklahoma Baker Mayfield: Mayfield might sit early on, but he'll eventually take over as the starter because of his accuracy and ability to throw the ball deep. It will be interesting to see how quickly he can adapt to taking a snap from under center/

9. 49ers: CB Iowa, Josh Jackson: The 9ers sure up their secondary with a guy who has similar size and ability as their big free agent signing, Richard Sherman.

10. Raiders: DT Washington, Vita Vea: Missing out on Suh in free agency, the Raiders add a freak of an athlete in Vea.

11. Bears (from Dolphins) T Notre Dame, Mike McGlinchey: Bears need to protect their QB.

12. Colts (from Bills) DB Alabama, Minkah Fitzpatrick: Replacement for Vonte Davis.

13. Redskins: ILB VT, Tremaine Edmunds: Prototype sideline to sideline type ILB with some pass rush ability.

14. Packers: CB Central Florida, Mike Hughes: A nice addition to the Packers secondary.

15. Cardinals: QB Louisville, Lamar Jackson: This is a major change from my last mock where I didnt have Jackson in the 1st round. The things I have been hearing lately is that Jackson is flying up the board and could end up in the top 12. I think he is a fit for QB hungry Arizona.

16. Ravens: WR Alanbama. Calvin Ridley: Legendary GM Ozzie Newsome loves all things Alabama. Ridley helps improve a Ravens roster that has done everything possible to increase talent at WR.

17. Chargers: CB Ohio St., Denzel Ward: Ward is an electric cover corner with exceptional speed, quickness

18. Seahawks: CB Colorado, Isaiah Oliver: The Seahawks find themselves in a spot where they need to fill many needs. This spot could be a trade back for picks as well. Oliver is a CB in the Seattle mold. A nice replacement for Sherman,

19. Cowboys: WR Maryland, DJ Moore: The Cowboys also need help on the defensive side of the ball but the release of Dez Bryant creates a need they can fill with a very good player in Moore.

20. Lions: RB LSU, Derrius Guice: The Lions haven't had a RB rush for 100+ yards in what feels like a century. Guice will solve that problem.

21. Bengals: Edge BC, Harold Landry Landry will help the Bengals get to the QB

22. Colts (from Bills): G/C Georgia Isaiah Wynn: The Colts need to make protecting Andrew Luck a priority. Wynn is the best pass blocker available at this pick.

23. Patriots: T UCLA, Kolton Milller: The Patriots are always the most unpredictable team on draft day. I would think they want to bolster their O-Line and Miller would be a nice slide in replacement for Vollmer.

24 Panthers: TE Michigan, Hayden Hurst: This is the eventual replacement for Greg Olsen. Hurst is a great route runner with good hands.

25 Titans: DE Texas-San Antonio, Marcus Davenport: An athletic pass rusher who will make an instant impact.

26 Falcons: WR SMU: Courtland Sutton:I almost feel like this is a luxury pick but whenever Julio Jones is out of the line up the Falcons offense is pedestrian at best. Sutton is a nice weapon.

27. Saints: TE South Dakota State, Dallas Goedert: Freak like ability from the TE position is something every team can use. The Saints re-invented themselves last year. I can make argument they "won" last years draft. Goedert will be a huge lift to an already explosive offense.

28 Steelers: LB Alabama, Rashaan Evans: The Steelers fill a need with a player who has great instincts.

29 Jags: CB Louisville, Jaire Alexander: The Jags add to an already potent secondary.

30 Vikings: G Texas-El Paso, Will Hernandez: The Vikings have to protect their huge investment in Kirk Cousins.

31 Patriots: TE PSU, Mike Gesicki: Gesicki is a freak of an athlete. He will be a nice compliment and an eventual replacement for Gronk. Belichick LOVES Jersey bread players. Also a potential trade down is likely.

32 Eagles: RB Georgia, Sony Michel: This is a potential trade spot as well. I like Sony Michel and I like the intrigue of him in the Eagles offense.

Frederick Blue @bootlegbishop

  1. Browns-Josh Allen- Big arm and it gets cold in Cleveland

  2. Giants-Sam Darnold-Still cannot see the Giants passing on an heir apparent to Eli, even though Saquon is the best player in the draft

  3. Jets- Baker Mayfield- He at least has the franchise swag. Jury is still out how his game will translate to next level

  4. Browns- Saquon Barkley- Browns get a big-time talent at running back to pair up with their new franchise QB

  5. Broncos- Josh Rosen-Rosen would seem to be Elway’s type of guy and is not lacking in confidence in himself

  6. Colts-Bradley Chubb-Colts need pass rushing help and Chubb is the best in this year’s draft

  7. Buccaneers-Derwin James- Worst kept secret in the NFL

  8. Bears- Tremaine Edwards- Athletic VA Tech linebacker will help the Bears improving defense

  9. 49ers-Quentin Nelson- Great value at this pick and some needed help for Jimmy G.

  10. Raiders-Denzel Ward- Smaller in stature, but a playmaker indeed

  11. Dolphins- Roquan Smith-Love this kid’s motor

  12. Bills-Lamar Jackson-Bills need to come out with a QB. Beat Patriots to the punch. More athleticism and upside than Tyrod Taylor

  13. Redskins-Vita Vea-Skins line gets more beef to partner with Jonathan Allen

  14. Packers-Minkah Fitzpatrick-Pack needs to bolster their secondary

  15. Cardinals-Calvin Ridley-Smaller frame, but can’t question his heart or route running skillset

  16. Ravens-Da’Ron Payne-Line reinforcement for Baltimore

  17. Chargers-Taven Bryan-Would have preferred Payne to fill this need, but…

  18. Seattle-Josh Jackson-Corner help for the team in rebuild mode

  19. Cowboys- DJ Moore-Dallas needs to find its next star wideout post-Dez

  20. Lions-Marcus Davenport

  21. Bengals-Will Henandez

  22. Bills-Maurice Hurst

  23. Patriots-Kolton Miller-OT help to fill void for Solder

  24. Panthers-Courtland Sutton-Panthers need more weapons for that offense

  25. Titans-Harold Landry

  26. Falcons-Hayden Hurst-Nice big target for Ryan

  27. Saints-Dallas Goedert-Saints are still recovering from loss of Graham

  28. Steelers-Rashaan Davis-Replacement for Shazier fits perfectly

  29. Jaguars-Jaire Alexander-More strength/depth for the secondary

  30. Vikings-Isaiah Wynn-Line is solid, but struggled in the NFC Championship game

  31. Patriots- Mason Rudolph-QB from Oklahoma State Brady’s understudy?

  32. Eagles-Derrick Guice-Physical running style to replace the loss of Legarrete Blount (could also possible trade down for more picks)

Vincent Zahler @VincentZahler

  1. Cleveland Browns: Josh Allen-Quarterback-Wyoming.

After missing badly on Carson Wentz, Cleveland is not going to let his (on paper) equal get past them.

2. New York GIants: Sam Darnold-Quarterback-USC

While many may want the Giants to select someone who will have in an instant impact such as Saquon Barkley or Bradley Chubb, they secure the future with their next franchise quarterback.

3. New York Jets: Baker Mayfield- Quarterback-Oklahoma State

“Broadway Baker!” The fiery playmaking undersized quarterback makes his way to the Jets and will be the most talk about passer in a Jets uniform since Tim Tebow

4. Cleveland Browns: Bradley Chubb-Defensive End/Linebacker-NC State

With Myles Garrett coming back from an impressive but shortened rookie season, the Browns will feature two young fearsome pass rushers on either side for the foreseeable future

5. Denver Broncos: Josh Rosen-Quarterback-UCLA

Denver has a decent overall roster bad badly needs a signal caller. Josh Rosen fits well here..

6. Indianapolis Colts: Quentin Nelson-Guard-Notre Dame

Andrew Luck can’t afford to take anymore hits after missing the entire 2017 season with shoulder surgery. It’s time to truly build an elite line for him and the running game.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Minkah Fitzpatrick-Defensive Back-Alabama

With the defensive line rebuilt by adding Vinny Curry and Jason Pierre-Paul, it would be wise to work on the back end starting with the top DB in the draft

8. Chicago Bears: Calvin Ridley-Wide Receiver-Alabama

Mitchell Trubisky needs make a jump in 2018. Kevin White has been a bust and adding the top WR to take coverage away from newly acquired Allen Robinson would go a long way.

9. San Francisco 49ers: Roquan Smith-Linebacker-Georgia

The 49ers can say what they want, but there’s major concerns with Reuben Foster. San Francisco needs a defensive leader they can trust.

10. Oakland Raiders: Denzel Ward-Cornerback-Ohio State

The back end of the defense is in desperate need for a playmaker.

11. Miami Dolphins: Saquon Barkley-Running Back-Penn State

How Barkley fall this far will be a complete mystery. Teams filling needs and/or believing the may land another quality back later in the draft. Either way, Miami is lucky here.

12. Buffalo Bills: Mason Rudolph-Quarterback-Oklahoma State

While many will consider this a reach, the Bills were unable to trade up and get the man they wanted so they settle on the guy who is viewed as the most underrated quarterback of 2018

13. Washington Redskins: Vita Vea-Defensive Tackle-Washington

Vea may be considered the second true “steal” in the draft following Miami’s selection of Saquon Barkley as he’s hands down the best interior defensive lineman in the draft.

14. Green Bay Packers: Marcus Davenport-Defensive End-UTSA

Packers waste no time grabbing the second best edge rusher in the draft. Davenport should be an immediate contributor

15. Arizona Cardinals: Lamar Jackson-Quarterback-Louisville

With Sam Bradford and Mike Glennon holding down the fort for the time being, Lamar Jackson should get plenty of time to hone his skills before taking the reins of the franchise.

16. Baltimore Ravens: Orlando Brown-Offensive Tackle-Oklahoma

17. Los Angeles Chargers: Derwin James-Safety-Florida State

18. Seattle Seahawks: Mike Hughes-Cornerback-UCF

19. Dallas Cowboys: Cortland Sutton-Wide Receiver-SMU

20. Detroit Lions: Da’Ron Payne-Defensive Lineman-Alabama

21. Cincinnati Bengals: Tremaine Edmunds-Linebacker-Virginia Tech

22. Buffalo Bills: James Daniels-Center-Iowa

23. New England Patriots: Mike McGlinchey-Offensive Tackle-Notre Dame

24. Carolina Panthers: Josh Jackson-Cornerback-Iowa

25. Tennessee Titans: Harold Landry-Defensive End/Linebacker-Boston College

26. Atlanta Falcons: Christian Kirk-Wide Receiver-Texas A&M

27. New Orleans Saints: Mark Andrews-Tight End-Oklahoma

28. Pittsburgh Steelers: Rashaan Evans-Linebacker-Alabama

29. Jacksonville Jaguars: Orlando Brown-Offensive Tackle-Oklahoma

30. Minnesota Viking: WIll Hernandez-Guard-UTEP

31. New England Patriots: Derrius Guice-Running Back-LSU

32. Philadelphia Eagles: Connor Williams-Guard/Tackle-Texas

Alex Hand @Hand7Alex

Browns Sam Darnold

Giants Josh Allen

Jets Baker Mayfield

Browns Saquon Barkley

Broncos Bradley Chubb

Colts Quinton Nelson

Bucs Minkah Fitzpatrick

Bears Vita Vea

49ers Denzal Ward

Raiders Roquan Smith

Dolphins Josh Rosen

Bills Josh Jackson

WSH Trumaine Edmunds

Packers Mike Hughes

Cardinals Calvin Ridley

Ravens Lamar Jackson

Chargers Derwin James

Seahawks Isaiah Oliver

Cowboys DJ Moore

Lions Arden Key

Bengals Da’Ron Payne

Bills Christian Kirk

Patriots Kolton Miller

Panthers Courtland Sutton

Titans Marcus Davenport

Falcons Taven Bryan

Saints Dallas Goedert

Steelers Sony Michel

Jags Hayden Hurst

Vikings Mike McGlinchey

Patriots Mike Gesicki

Brandon Turner @Badsustinere

#1 Cleveland Browns: QB Josh Allen

This pick has been speculated to be Darnold for much of off-season but drafts rarely play out the way we think they will. I believe the Browns like Darnold but would still prefer someone they think will handle the unique climate and situation Cleveland will provide, essentially a Midwesterner. They’ve watched what kind of QB can handle the rough weather and tough defenses of the AFC North for a decade now. Ben Roethlisberger is 6’5” 250 pounds and Joe Flacco is 6’6” and 230 pounds, they both played for small schools and are tough as nails. This leaves out the California QBs and the diminutive Baker Mayfield. I believe the Browns have seen the type of supporting cast Allen played with as well and have talked themselves into looking past his low completion percentage. If the Browns will give Allen time to develop and let Todd Haley tailor an offense to him, he could be another giant strong armed AFC North QB to lead his team to a super bowl.

#2 New York Giants: QB Josh Rosen

As much as the Giants are trying to make it seem like they aren’t interested in taking a QB in this year’s draft, and thus sticking with the 39 year old Eli Manning to chase another championship run, let’s look at the facts. They are looking to trade away star WR Odell Beckham Jr. They did trade away their star pass rusher in Jason Pierre-Paul. Also they won’t trade down even though teams like the Bills are desperate to get to their spot and are probably willing to offer an ‘RG3 type’ package to get there. We’re expected to believe they like Chubb that much? That they’re willing to turn down potentially 4 or 5 picks to take him over another really good player at say pick 12? Their mouths might be saying “stick with Eli” but their actions are saying “full rebuild.” It’s the smart move, and the Giants will be set up for another decade of being competitive with the sharp UCLA product manning the helm.

#3 New York Jets: QB Sam Darnold

I fully believe the Jets are going into this draft with Darnold at the top of their board but have no hope to draft him. When he is still sitting there at 3 they pull the trigger and get arguably the best overall QB prospect in the draft. Darnold has gotten a bad rap for being careless with the football and having sloppy mechanics, but it makes me wonder if anyone actually watched his tape? The man was on the run as soon as the ball was snapped on almost every play. He was constantly under siege and pulling miracle plays over and over again to garner production for USC. The criticism reminds me of Mark Sanchez, the difference being Darnold can handle the pressure, the throws he makes on the run without his feet set are jaw dropping. He may not have Rosen’s pinpoint accuracy in a clean pocket but he throws the ball on the run as good as anyone in the league. Sanchez wilted the moment a rusher got in his face. This may not make him a perfect fit in Jeremy Bates timing offense but great coordinators adjust to the talent they have, and Darnold has tons of talent. A high character player with the skill to back it up, Darnold will lead a renaissance of winning football to Florham Park.

#4 Buffalo Bills: QB Baker Mayfield

With reports that the Browns haven’t scheduled any workouts with the blue chip players who would be available at this spot, one must conclude that they’re already planning on trading down and securing more picks after getting their guy at #1. That leaves the Bills taking the only one of the big 4 left, the accurate but diminutive Baker Mayfield. The Bills have been preparing to make this move for an entire season and they will jump if given the chance. Baker might chafe at the Bills strict structure but I think this is a match made in heaven. The Bills constantly feel slighted and forgotten about by the rest of the league and Baker will be out for vengeance against the Jets and the rest of the AFC East. The small QB and the small NY team will be a dangerous opponent for years.

#5 Denver Broncos: RB Saquon Barkley

None of the big QBs fall to Elway’s Broncos so he gets Case Keenum some much needed help by adding the explosive Barkley. Barkley can take over games and let Keenum focus on playing mistake free. The Broncos make the best of a bad situation by getting the top player in the draft.

#6 Indianapolis Colts: DE Bradley Chubb

While the Colts are tempted here to take the Guard Nelson to help keep Andrew Luck upright, they ultimately settle on the athletic pass rusher Chubb. Chubb should flourish in Indianapolis and the coaching staff will get a lot out of him as every year at N.C. State he improved wherever he had weaknesses.

#7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: CB Denzel Ward

This is a minor upset as a lot of people have Minkah Fitzpatrick going here. I think the Bucs will opt into the more traditional Cornerback prospect with Ward.

#8 Chicago Bears: OG Quenton Nelson

The Bears have been active in free agency trying to get Mitch Trubisky as much help as possible. They finish the job by getting him the safest pick in the draft. Nelson is an almost perfect Guard prospect who will dominate from day one for the Bears in both the run game and pass protection.

#9 San Francisco 49ers: LB Tremaine Edmunds

The Niners go best player overall and get the multi-talented Tremaine Edmunds who can plug a lot of holes for them. Edmunds should keep getting better as he has relied on his athleticism and will improve with coaching.

#10 Oakland Raiders: LB Roquan Smith

Smith has been projected to the Raiders in a lot of mocks as he fills a need for them and is the type of player Gruden values.

#11 Miami Dolphins: QB Lamar Jackson

It’s hard to believe the Dolphins still think Tannehill is their future. They’ve tried everything to make him work and even when healthy and given a strong cast of WRs, he just can’t seem to be consistent enough to grab a wild card for them. They start over with the electrifying Jackson, who could be the best QB in the draft if a team is willing to build an offense around him.

#12 Cleveland Browns S Minkah Fitzpatrick

The Browns secure a bevy of picks and still get a player with a ton of upside. Where some might see a player without a true position, the Browns will see Minkah for the playmaker he is. Put Fitzpatrick at Slot corner, or Safety and either way he’s going to generate big plays in the secondary and bring a ton of energy in the locker room.

#13 Washington Redskins S Derwin James

The Redskins have had a controversial off-season that’s seen their Quarterback leave for Minnesota and a trade for veteran QB Alex Smith. They look at the best player on the board here in S Derwin James who is a potential All-Pro Safety for them, especially in the pass game.

#14 Green Bay Packers OT Kolton Miller

Kolton Miller goes a little early in the draft but should be a solid piece for Green Bay. He’s tall and could put on some muscle but he’s a solid prospect that could protect Rodgers for years.

#15 Arizona Cardinals DT Vita Vea

The Drafts best DT, Vita Vea is a gigantic prospect and one of the rare interior guys who can also generate a pass rush. He would be a solid piece for a Cardinals team that needs to start rebuilding.

#16 Baltimore Ravens WR Calvin Ridley

It’s no secret that Joe Flacco desperately needs people to throw to and Ridley can do it all. He’s way ahead of most prospects in his route running ability and ran a 4.41 at the combine.

#17 Los Angeles Chargers OT Orlando Brown

The son of a long-time NFL Offensive lineman, Brown has the genes and size that are perfect for the position. He’s still raw in a lot of ways but if a good offensive line coach fixes his mistakes he can lock down the position for the Chargers for a decade.

#18 Seattle Seahawks OT Mike McGlinchey

McGlinchey is a pure RT prospect and needs to add NFL strength but for a team who understands that, he will probably be a long-time starter.

#19 Dallas Cowboys DE Marcus Davenport

Davenport is a Texas kid who raised his stock at the Senior Bowl and could be a fearsome presence on the Cowboys line.

# 20 Detroit Lions EDGE Harold Landry

Landry is a pure pass rusher who reminds a lot of scouts of Vic Beasley. I think the Lions would be happy with that prediction coming true.

#21 Cincinnati Bengals OG Will Hernandez

Hernandez had a monstrous Senior Bowl where he smashed every prospect he lined up against. Playing at a small school and lacking perfect size it took the Senior Bowl for people to realize he’s a surefire 1st round pick. He will be a cornerstone for the Bengals for a long time here.

#22 Cleveland Browns CB Mike Hughes

A shorter prospect that’s still raw, the Browns bank on Mike Hughes potential with their 2nd pick in the 1st round. He looks like an ideal Joe Haden replacement.

#23 New England Patriots WR Courtland Sutton

Still raw as he didn’t play Wide Receiver full time until his second year of College, Sutton oozes potential and with the Patriots coaching staff helping him will be a star. The Patriots need some help at the position after losing Amendola and trading Cooks away.

#24 Carolina Panthers G Isiah Wynn

A shorter starter who excels at run blocking Wynn could fill a need for the Panthers who have slowly lost talent in free agency the last few years.

#25 Tennessee Titans DE Sam Hubbard

Hubbard is a solid but not elite pass rusher. A good get at this point in the draft and it fills an eed for the Titans.

#26 Atlanta Falcons DT Da’Ron Payne

A premier run stuffer with elite athleticism. Payne can be a huge presence up the middle for the Falcons.

#27 New Orleans Saints TE Mike Gesecki

The Saints get a Jimmy Graham clone in Gesecki. A huge pass-catcher who will dominate in the red zone, he will add to the slew of weapons Brees has to work with.

#28 Pittsburgh Steelers LB Leighton Vander Esch

Vander Esch fills a need and has a high ceiling as he was only a starter for a short time for Boise but exploded on the field.

#29 Jacksonville Jaguars TE Dallas Goedert

Goedert is another pass catching tight end with the size and athleticism to be a mismatch at the next level. He dominated in college and would give Bortles a big body to throw to when under pressure.

#30 Minnesota Vikings EDGE Lorenzo Carter

An undersized edge rusher who didn’t show production until his final year of college, Carter could end up being the best pass rusher of the bunch if the Vikings can bring out his potential.

#31 New England Patriots RB Derrius Guice

The Patriots lost Dion Lewis over the off-season and did some patchwork signing by getting Jeremy Hill but neither of them are the prospect Guice is. Filling in for Fournette in 2016 Guice exploded with his fierce running style and the Patriots might be looking for an offense that doesn’t put everything on Tom Brady’s shoulders as he continues to age.

#32 Philadelphia Eagles CB Josh Jackson

Jackson fits what you look for in the position physically and falls to the Eagles here because he only produced for one year in college. Regardless he could be a huge part of the plan to get back to another Super Bowl in 2018.

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