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Jets Scouting Report: Quenton Nelson OG Notre Dame by Kevin Lidlow

This week for my scouting report, I’m going back to offense more specifically offensive line. The Jets have a lot of needs on both sides of the ball, but the offensive line is the center of attention. Before I look at this prospect, here is what the o-line looks like for the 2018 season for gang green and see why they need to upgrade. Kelvin Beachum, James Carpenter, Jonotthan Harrison, Brian Winters, and Brandon Shell, the Jets are locked with Beachum and Winters, Harrison will be a big upgrade from Johnson after a very disappointing season, and Carpenter has been on the down side. The Jets need to address offensive line and Quenton Nelson would be a great fit for this team. It may be a little hard because the Colts may get him before the Jets pick but you never know.

Nelson is a senior guard from the university of Notre Dame, he is 6-5 325 pounds and is stud on the offensive line for the fighting Irish. This is a technique-sound guard that is ready to play from the start. He is powerful, and would be a huge impact for the Jets. Powerful base, moves defenders back, and with excellent footwork Nelson would have a very successful career in the NFL. Not to mention he is very highly effective in pass protection as well. If you watch the game against Miami, he demonstrated a good sense where the defenders were and he held his own, with the exception of him getting bull rushed on a blitz from the linebacker.

Overall, I do think he is pro ready and can fit into any system. If I am the Jets, I would strongly consider taking him at 6 if he is available. The Jets haven’t drafted an offensive lineman since drafting Nick Mangold and Fergusion in the same round, it’s even strange to think that just nine years ago, the Jets had Fergusion, Fancea, Mangold, Slauson, and Woody, boy do I wish we go back to those times. The Jets have the option to do the same thing again.  

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