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The Eagles Roller Coaster, Next Stop Lombardi? By Ryan Neal

The day is finally here, the Philadelphia Eagles are playing for a trophy which has evaded them for far too long. Regardless of the outcome, this moment will go down in Eagles history, let’s hope it’s a good memory. The Eagles are taking on the mighty dynasty, which is the New England Patriots. Where the Patriots might beat them is their experience, but the Eagles beat them in the two traits every team strives to have, resiliency and heart. This season has been a roller coaster for the Eagles, a roller coaster which has led them to the Super Bowl. No matter what happened to this team, they fought through it and kept moving forward. When Carson Wentz went down in week 14, it was over, the season was done for. But, no one measured the rest of the teams’ heart. Will the Eagles win this game, that is to be determined? But, we do know in football it takes all 53 men who are aware of the teams’ identity and 53 men who are all in and ready to fight and die for the cause. This storybook season has brought us to its final and most thrilling chapter. For the Eagles to win and close the book the right way, they need to dominate the line of scrimmage. It goes without saying the Eagles have one, if not the best front four in the NFL, as well as one of the best offensive lines. In the playoffs so far, these two units have dominated. Against the Patriots, the Eagles need to see the same type of dominance from these two groups in order to have success. It’s pretty simple and easy to say both teams do a lot of good things and very little bad. That is why the line of scrimmage is the most important part of this game. Bringing pressure defensively and blocking the pressure offensively is what will win this game. Now, this game might just seem like another day in the office for a Patriots fan, but for the Eagles and their fans, this is everything. A win will change the course of Philadelphia sports for the greater good and what a better team to represent the city on the biggest stage in football than the 2018 underdog Eagles.

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