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Petty struggles again, Jets lose a tough one to the Chargers by Kevin Lidlow

Twas Christmas eve all through the night, but nothing except the feeling of disappointed Jets fans blew through the sky as they fall to the Los Angeles Chargers by a score of 14 to 7 in a game where I thought it was anybody’s game to grab but the Jets couldn’t seize the opportunity. They were eliminated from playoff contention a week ago, so they had nothing to play for except their pride and the defense stepped up to the challenge but the offense on the other hand didn’t. Bryce Petty continued to struggle as he went 15 for 28, 115 yards and an interception that came towards to end of the first half. Bilal Powell was the only good thing that happened for the offense as he finished the day with 19 carries for 145 yards and a touchdown, and also the offensive line I thought had a terrific game as the new center Harrison, who came in after Johnson got hurt, led blocked for Powell on the Jets only touchdown run.

The Defense played well, but just like all season long couldn’t finish in the fourth quarter as they gave up the go ahead touchdown to Melvin Gordon. However, they only gave up 81 yards on 19 carries against him and only surrounded 14 points in total to a Chargers offense who looks like they could break the game open at any given time.

The Jets will finish the season on the road against the New England Patriots, so we know how that game will go. But it looks like the Jets will be looking for a quarterback next year because Petty didn’t look impressive and we haven’t seen Hackenberg yet, which means he could be just as bad. Plus the Jets will probably move on from Muhammad Wilkerson as he just looks like he doesn’t care anymore and if I were the Jets I would get rid of him too. 

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