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Brandon's Best Bets: Week 13

Well because of a little technical snafu we were unable to get our article in last week. It’s very in depth and advanced I won’t bore you with the details (I didn’t attach the article) BUT had we of gotten it in, it would have been another 2-1 week for us, which would of brought our 4 week total to 8-4. We’re closing out the last weeks of the season strong so let’s drop some knowledge and some free money. All betting lines made using Bovada.

Minnesota Vikings (+3) at Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta has gone up against some opponents recently they could exploit. For example Seattle’s depleted secondary which lost its 3 stars AND its 1 good rookie when the teams faced each other. This has led the public to create a line where a team that has looked better all year is getting 3 points. We live to exploit those lines. If a better team is getting points, always take that bet.

Cleveland Browns (+14) at Los Angeles Chargers

Sigh, we both know I’m going to regret this. Next week we’ll say “I went 2-1 now if I can just learn to not bet on Cleveland.” The thing is on the 19th of November, for Nathan Peterman’s interceptionpalooza, the Chargers put up 54 points. For EVERY other game though they’ve ben held to scores of 20, 21, with one 28 thrown in there. The Browns start this game with a two touchdown spot. All we need is some garbage time TD’s and field goals and they could easily cover this spread from a Chargers offense that’s been good not great all year long. Hopefully by the 4th quarter Bosa and Ingram are a little worn out and the game will be well in hand and we’ll be prime for a garbage time cover.

Los Angeles Rams (-7) at Arizona Cardinals

The Rams on the other hand LOVE to run up the score, their big bruising star RB keeps points coming even when they are running out the clock. The Arizona Cardinals on the other hand are still starting Blaine Gabbert. Do you really think Blaine Gabbert is keeping the game within a touchdown against one of the best offenses in the NFL? Swallow the points.

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