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The Baker’s Dozen: 13 Reasons Why The Jets Will Beat The Bucs

Welcome to the third installment of The Baker’s Dozen. It began as a weekly NFL recap for an Indiana University Student Sports Media Site (which is no longer active, otherwise I would post links) while I was a student there.

I then reinvented it in the form of a featured blog post for Today’s Business on “13 Twitter Accounts that Sports Fans Need to Follow”.

Now to complete the epic trilogy, I am reinventing my talking 13 points once more for Interstate of Green, and couldn’t be any more excited.

Without further ado, here are 13 reasons why the New York Jets will beat the Bucs this weekend.

1) Jameis won’t be there to “Eat a W”.

In what was one of the weirdest pregame speeches in recent memory, Jameis Winston attempted to “Eat a W” last week.

He got injured early and did not return, as the Bucs got trampled by the Saints 30-10.

Even if Winston was playing in this weeks’ game vs. the Jets, I don’t think it would make much of a difference.

Word from the wise, Jameis: stick to eating crab legs (just make sure you pay for them).

2) Ryan Fitzpatrick is the Bucs QB.

Oddly enough, both starting QB’s for this weeks’ game have both suited up for the opposite team.

How can we forget Ryan Fitzpatrick’s up and down two seasons with the J-E-T-S? But some may have forgotten that our new signal caller Josh McCown started 11 games for Tampa Bay back in 2014.

I’m sure the Jets D got to see plenty of Fitzy over the years, and are looking forward to being able to get some real shots in on him.

3) ASJ wants revenge.

Austin Sefarian-Jenkins seems like the kinda guy who performs well when he has a chip on his shoulder.

He’s got a big one this week as he will return to his former home for nearly 3 seasons after being released following a DUI arrest last year.

ASJ didn’t feel like the Bucs gave him a chance, and is grateful for the one that the Jets have provided. Look for him to have a solid game.

4) Matt Forte/Jeremy out, Elijah McGuire/Ardarius Stewart will step up.

Matt Forte and Jeremy Kerley are both out for the Jets, but I’m looking for Elijah McGuire and Ardarius Stewart to step up in complimentary roles.

We’ve seen some moments from McGuire, and Stewart has the skills. One, if not both of these players, should step up and have surprising performances in this game.

5) Mike Evans shoved his way out of this one.

In case you missed it last week, long story short, Mike Evans shoved Marshon Lattimore near the sideline, after Jameis Winston got into it with him following a late hit on Ryan Fitzpatrick (that’s a mouthful).

Evans will be suspended for this one, which works out nicely with Mo Claiborne questionable for the game.

6) Jets are going to dance their way to another W

The Jets D made waves with their dance moves last week in a Thursday night win vs. the Bills. Fun Fact: I was at the game to witness it, and posted it to my IG before I knew how much it would take off. Just sayin’.

I can’t remember this much excitement from the Jets D since the glory days of “Can’t Wait” Bart Scott, Antonio Cromartie, and Darelle Revis, and it’s refreshing.

The moves last week went viral though, with the hashtag #JetsDanceToAnything trending. One of my favorite videos posted was one by Anthony “Spice” Adams.

Can’t wait to see what moves they have planned for this week. (see what I did there?

7) The Jets’ all-time record against the Bucs is 10-1.

Numbers don’t lie. Their one loss did come in Tampa Bay though.

8) They want to get to .500 going into bye week.

This would be a big one for the Jets to stay relevant in the AFC. Getting to .500 going into their bye before they head into a tough 2nd portion of the season where they face the Panthers, Chiefs, Broncos, Saints, Chargers and Patriots.

9) The Bucs are “frustrated, disappointed, confused”.

That’s according to their head coach, Dirk Koetter, so you know they’re in utter disarray.

Their headline QB and WR are both out, and they’ve lost 5 straight.

This team looked to take the next step this year after adding DeSean Jackson, a balanced running attack between Doug Martin and Jacquizz Rodgers, and an experienced D, but things have not panned out. I don’t see things improving for them any time soon.

10) The Jets are well-rested.

The Jets are on 9 days of rest since their TNF beat down of the Bills. Extra RNR and prep time is never a bad thing.

11) Lavonte David will probably do something stupid

I do, because I was at this game and will never forget it.

Back when the Geno hype was real…

12) Jamal Adams will get the best of SEC foe O.J. Howard

This should be a fun matchup to keep an eye on as these guys faced each other a bunch throughout college.

Adams has been a playmaker all year and has shown glimpses of that “it-factor” that the Jets had hoped for when they drafted him 6th overall. Howard, also a first round pick, is a good player too, but Adams and the Jets D will keep him in check, although he should see some added targets with Evans out.

13) Leonard Williams is hungry for sacks

Big Cat has only 0.5 sacks through 9 games so far this year, after having 7 total last season and 3 as a rookie. This could be the game where the cat gets let out of the bag, so to speak.

Disagree with anything I wrote? I want to hear your thoughts! Tweet me @harris_baker.

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