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Eagles vs Broncos: The Best Team in Football takes on the Osweiler led Broncos by Daniel Farr

The best team in football has a big challenge ahead of them, Philadelphia has a home game against the 3-4 Denver Broncos. The Eagles will try and reach 8-1 before their bye week. While the Broncos try to keep pace in the AFC playoff race with a new starting quarterback. Brock Osweiler has been named the Broncos starting quarterback against the Eagles. Trevor Siemian is not a starting quarterback, he’s a backup and this move will help the Broncos compete for the playoffs. It may not show in the first game against the Eagles, but Osweiler should remain the Broncos’ starter. For the Eagles, they will focus on getting their new running back Jay Ajayi comfortable on his new team. Ajayi may not play as much as Eagles fans want, but he will see the field, especially in the red zone. His ability to catch the ball out of the back field will pay instant dividends for the Eagles. Carson Wentz and the Eagles’ offense have their toughest matchup yet, the Broncos are still the best defense in the NFL. They have recored 17 sacks and five interceptions this season. Wentz has been leading the MVP race with his 19 touchdowns and 101.6 quarterback rating, but he will have to be very safe with the football this week. The Eagles must depend on the run game offensively, and let Ajayi and Legarrette Blount carry the offense. Philadelphia’s offensive line will have their work cut out for them trying to stop the Broncos’ run and pass defense along with Von Miller. Eagles head coach, Doug Pederson will have the correct scheme and Wentz will be prepared to take down this juggernaut of a defense. As for Philadelphia’s defense, they have to keep playing like they’ve been all year long. They must stop the run and get pressure on the quarterback. If the Eagles take CJ Anderson out of the game, and make Osweiler uncomfortable, this will be another victory for the first place birds. Wentz and the offense must protect the ball, if they do, Eagles win 31-16.  

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