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  • Kevin Lidlow

Jets vs Browns Week 5 Preview

Here we are week 5 already into the season and to what has been a surprise the New York Jets are above .500 into the season with a 2-2 record. This week, they will be going up against the winless Cleveland Browns in a game where the Jets are actually the favorites to win this game, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves as the Browns are not as bad as a team we think they are. The Browns have only been blown out once and that was against the Cincinnati Bengals last week 31-7 but overall they have been in most of their games. So for the Jets to come away with a win, here’s what they have to do.

The Jets are 0-2 on the road this season losing to Buffalo, then Oakland but the Jets have success over the Browns. The last time the Browns beat the Jets was back on December 9th, 2007 at Giants stadium. In order for the Jets to win they have to get to DeShone Kizer who is having a rough start going into the season with a passer rating of 50.9, which is last in the league and has been holding the ball way too long, but who is the Browns biggest threat? The Jets pass defense has been getting the job done only allowing 194.5 yards in a game (7th in the league), so look for Kizer to have another rough start.

Offensively look for the Jets to throw the ball more this game as the Browns pass defense is ranked last in the league through the air, not to mention the fact that the Jets are 2-0 when McCown throws for over 200 yards. The Browns have been blitz heavy this season and last week against the Jaguars blitz, McCown had an 106 passer rating so that might help them as well. The Jets run game finally got going as well so look for them to continue it this week.

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