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Jets Win Second Straight Against the Jaguars in OT by Kevin Lidlow

Well if the Jets are trying to tank this season, they are doing a terrible job as they win their second straight game against the Jacksonville Jaguars by a score of 23-20 in overtime. Now a couple of things to take away from this game, one of which is that Josh McCown wins his consecutive win for the first time since 2004, and did it with an 77.9 completion rating which also boosts his rating to 82.1 (second highest to Alex Smith). He didn’t have a touchdown pass this game but had an interception and was sacked 5 times against a Jaguar defense whose front seven is stacked.

The defense played fairly well against the offense as they came away with a turnover, but only sacked Bortles once. The run defense did a decent job as the rookie Leonard Fournette rushed 24 times for 86 yards but had a receiving touchdown against the defense. But they did their part as this Jet defense really came up big against this Jaguar offense who is ranked fifth in rushing.

Josh McCown’s completion rating was amazing but it was really the run game that turned our heads as the offense ran for 256 yards total. Bilal Powell ran the ball 21 times for 163 yards with a 75 yard TD run in the first quarter and the rookie Elijah McGuire ran the ball 10 times for 93 yards and a 69 yard TD run. The Jaguars run defense was ranked last in the league and the Jets took advantage of it. I’ve said this for years, Bilal Powell continues to make plays for this team since he has been in the league and should be the number 1 back, and as for McGuire he had a really good preseason ad he has been getting more reps. If I were the New York Jets I would try to trade Forte and get a draft pick from the team, maybe Minnesota would want to being that they lost their rookie running back with an ACL injury.

This was a good win for the Jets, however I don’t think they should’ve allowed the Jaguars to stay in the game like that but it’s a win nonetheless. The Jets will go on to play the Browns next week and I think they have a chance to go 3-2 this season. I knew that the Jets would be competitive but this season was about seeing what the young guys can do and from what I’ve seen they are playing very well.   

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