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Week 2: Jets vs Raiders by Kevin Lidlow

If last weeks game was any indication of how this season will go, we are in for a very long season. Although the Bills completely dominated the Jets on every stat, they kept them in the game which I thought the Bills should’ve put up 40 against this team. I think we can expect that from the Oakland Raiders, who are 14 point favorites to win the game against the Jets. Nonetheless here is what we should expect for this team if they want to pull off the upset.

First the offensive line needs to find a way to protect their quarterback, which the defense sacked Josh McCown only twice but the running game was horrendous as they only ran the ball for 38 yards total. Against the Raiders, they won’t get any kind of offense going from the likes of Khalil Mack. I also expect Bilal Powell to be more involved in the offense than last week, because whenever he gets the ball there is always a chance of him making a play.

The defense need to step up as well because they surrendered 110 yards rushing to LeSean McCoy who tore up this defense. This week, head coach Todd Bowles challenged his team to defend against beast mode Marshawn Lynch and the secondary has to perform to expectations especially from the young rookies because they are going against Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree who have become a pretty good duo in recent years.

This is going to be a very painful game to watch if the Raiders light up the scoreboard against the Jets, offensive coordinator John Morton said that he plans on opening up the playbook this week. Hopefully, we get to see a good game against the Raiders, if not then there are other games. 

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