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Jets vs. Giants: Jets Perspective by Kevin Lidlow

If there is anything we can take away from this game against the crosstown rival New York Giants, is that this so-called quarterback competition just turned into a three ring circus act, which makes this a no-win situation for the starting quarterback job. The Jets are 14 days away from going up to Buffalo for week 1 of the 2017 season, and here is what we know, Josh McCown is rusty, Bryce Petty who actually stepped up recently and in my books is the player of the game is injured, and Christian Hackenberg is just simply not ready for the NFL level. Which is a shame cause he started of fairly decent and had a lot of promise but just went downhill.

For the second week in a row, Hack got the start and looked even more horrendous than he did before. He threw two interceptions ( both returned for a touchdown), then threw a late touchdown to help erase a 29-3 deficit after Petty went down for an injury but it doesn’t change the fact on how he did in the first half. He couldn’t do anything against the starters from the Giants. Bryce Petty on the other hand looked phenomonal, he took control over the huddle and went 15 for 18 with 250 yards and 3 TD before he went down with an injury.

Petty is scheduled to get an MRI tomorrow to see the damage on his shoulder, and if it’s not bad I think he will be in consideration for the day 1 starter after the way he has performed the passed couple weeks regardless on what strings he played against. The point is that he took control of the huddle and marched down the field, I think he definitely moved up the depth chart after tonight. Another key note to add was the progression of the young wide receivers, Adarius Stewart had a big day today as he caught two touchdown passes and Chad Hansen had a couple big catches as well.

There were some good, some bad, and some you just want to rip your hair out but in regards to who should be the starting quarterback, pending on his injury I think it belongs to Bryce Petty as he was flawless through the preseason. 

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