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  • Craig Gorbunoff

New York Jets Grounded in Horrible Performance against the Detroit Lions

Football is a game of numbers. So lets look at a couple. Final Score: 16-6. Christian Hackenberg: 2-6

for 14 yards, sacked twice for 17 yards. Bilal Powell: 9 Carries for 32 Yards. Matthew Stafford: 8-10 for 84 yards, 1 touchdown, and sacked once for 11 yards.

In short... the Jets starting unit did not look good. The offensive line allowed their quarterback to get crushed on some brutal sacks. With his first start Hackenberg never got into any sort of a rhythm and looked completely lost. Bilal Powell was unable get anything going on the ground game or in the air. The Lions starting offense was able to pick apart the Jets starting defense and get a Touchdown.

Was there really any good to analyze here? not really, however there is some clarity in the bad. I think it's becoming clear that Christian Hackenberg really can't hack it in the NFL. Bryce Petty looked somewhat okay and may deserve a shot at the number 2 or starting role. However since McCown's first drive of the preseason the Jets have been unable to score a touchdown. I think it is becoming more and more clear by the minute that the Jets desperately need to draft a new quarterback come next season.

The only points of brightness for the Jets comes from their new tandem at the safety position. Jamal Adams looks like a solid player, however really the player that is making the most of his opportunities is Marcus Maye. Hopefully this tandem can be a corner stone for the Jets for years to come.

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