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Resurgence in Philadelphia

The Los Angeles Rams made one of the worst draft day mistakes we will ever see, and that will come into fruition this upcoming NFL season. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz will take a huge leap in his second year. He may even be a pro bowler, an MVP candidate, and lead the Eagles back to the playoffs. The 24 year old Wentz has the ‘IT’ factor, he simply loves football, proof of this is he and all the Eagles receivers met in North Dakota during this off season, to get aquatinted. Of course Wentz did not have to do this, but his love for football and winning forced him to reach out to his new weapons. New weapons was something the Eagles desperately needed, so the organization went out and signed wide receivers Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith as well as running back LeGarrette Blount. According to in Wentz’s rookie year he had a 62.4 percent completion rate, 3,782 yards, 16 touchdown passes, and 14 interceptions. The interceptions started in about week 4, because the Eagles started 3-0 and Wentz had no interceptions during that span. Wentz is not to blame completely for those 14 INTS, the weapons he was working with were below average. According to the Eagles were a top 10 team in drops a season ago. With the newly acquired weapons, the Eagles’ should flourish on offense. The offensive line is very solid, in fact pro football focus ranked the Eagles as having the best offensive line going into the 2017-2018 season. Wentz may throw for 25 touchdowns, 4,300 yards, 8 interceptions, and have 75% completion rate. This will be possible because of the talent around Wentz as well as head coach Doug Pedersons’ scheme. The Eagles are not a one sided team, in fact besides cornerback the Eagles have a very solid defense. If they can get something out of their young corners or perhaps sign or trade for a veteran corner, look out. Philadelphia appears to be back, and it is because they have a quarterback for the first time since a guy named Donovan McNabb played there.

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