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Is Bilal Powell a Pro Bowl Running Back? By Kevin Lidlow

"Bilal is a Pro Bowl back if he was playing by himself, make no doubt about that," Stump Mitchell said about Jets running back Bilal Powell who last year was one of the most productive backs in the NFL in the last month of the season. Which everyone including myself was scratching their heads as to why he wasn’t used during most of the season at all. By himself, Powell can be a pro bowl running back because of the way he has been playing. But the problem is that he is not alone, he has a 31 year old veteran named Matt Forte who has survived the offseason purge.

Mitchell has a lot respect for Forte and likes the combination of both backs and claims that they are interchangeable, and of course they Jets are well aware of Forte’s age and don’t want to run him into the ground like they did last year. It’s unclear on to what the offensive identity is for this team, but it is pretty obvious that both running backs will get the ball a lot. According to Mitchell, he set a lofty goal that he wants both backs to carry at least a 100 yards per scrimmage.

If the Jets use Powell more frequently this season I believe he can make the pro bowl next year. Plus, it would be a good fit because with the Jets quarterback situation and the receiving corp being so young, they will need to hand the rock to the backs. I think Powell will be able to rush for 100 yards per scrimmage and will make the pro bowl next season. 

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