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Rebuilding the Stages of Broadway: The State of the New York Jets by David Dubovy

When I think about the New York Jets, the first word that comes to mind is dismay. This team has made some bold moves this offseason with cutting WR Brandon Marshall, LB David Harris, WR Eric Decker, CB Darrelle Revis, C Nick Mangold and other quality veteran players. I understand these moves to an extent but the young players on this team need veterans to look up to and learn from. Players in the NFL, especially rookies make a lot of head scratching decisions. The youth of this team needs that "father figure" to learn from. In New York, the media and the bright lights are ALWAYS on you. One poor decision is all it takes for you to be out of a job or suspended. In addition, the Jets have to find an identity and mostly a quarterback. When you look at the teams who made the playoffs this past season, every playoff contending team had a trustworthy and consistent quarterback. A quarterback who a team can count on when down 7 with a minute left in the game, who can drive the team down the field and get a touchdown. The Jets have to realize, you can't win in the NFL without a reliable quarterback on your roster. In my opinion, the Jets should trade for Chiefs QB Alex Smith or Saints QB Drew Brees. If I were the Jets, I'd give up defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson and a fourth round pick in 2018. for either one of those quarterbacks. Both of those quarterbacks would be great teachers to both Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty. As of now, this Jets team is a mess and the fans aren't happy with the current state of the team. Either of these veteran quarterbacks would give Jets fans a reason to smile. Josh McCown, to me is going to be another Ryan Fitzpatrick. In the 2017 NFL Draft, the Jets addressed a few key needs with the drafting of safety Jamal Adams from LSU and safety Marcus Maye from Florida. Our first and second round draft picks. In 2016, the Jets defense allowed 25.6 points per game (28th in the league) and had only 8 interceptions the whole season. With the drafting of these two young versatile defenseman, they solidify a secondary which was abysmal in 2016. ArDarious Stewart, the Jets third round pick from Alabama. This speedy and dynamic wide receiver, gives the Jets a deep threat and kick return experience. He is expected to be along side Quincy Enunwa. In 2016, the Jets ranked 27th in pass yards per game and 26th in yards per game with 330. ArDarious Stewart will definitely bolster the Jets offense this upcoming season.  

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