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The Way Too Early Post Draft Jets 53 Man Roster by Rich Wilhelm

QB- McCown, Petty, Hackenberg (3)

Looking at this group of quarterbacks it makes fans instantly think doom and gloom. I cannot defend that standpoint. It is going to be a long year. If Hackenberg does not end up starting then all three of these quarterbacks need to be elsewhere next year. You know what you have in McCown. He will get those valuable 3-4 wins and get injured. Petty is inconsistent and unpolished. Hackenberg is a complete mystery and did not suit up until week 17 last year. At this point ill go with the mystery. RB/FB- Forte, Powell, McGuire, Howsare (4)

Forte and Powell is a great one, two punch. The good thing about both backs is they can catch the football. Powell is a PPR gem and Forte is solid when healthy. The problem is Forte is at the age where anything can happen. Passing on Dalvin Cook may come back to bite the Jets. WR- Decker, Enunwa, Anderson, Peake, Stewart, Hansen, Marshall (Suspended), Patton (7)

The Jets have a very deep wide receiver core that will grow stronger during the rebuild. Enunwa has emerged as WR1 with all of his upside. Hopefully Decker comes back from his injury and can continue being one of the best WR2 in the league. Anderson is a speedster who will serve as the WR3 entering camp. It will be interesting to see if draft selections Stewart and Hansen overtake him. The bottom end of the group is up in the air. I fully expect Peake to make the team but Jalin Marshall and Patton are questionable especially with Marshall’s suspension. TE- Leggett, ASJ (Suspended), Tomlinson (2)

It is not the norm to only carry two tight ends and I expect the Jets to sign a veteran to compete. Leggett was a last round steal after whiffing on Jake Butt. ASJ is suspended the first four games of the year so the team has to sign a TE by default. Tomlinson is the next best guy on the roster. OL- Carpenter, Beachum, Shell, Winters, Johnson, Ijalana, Qvale, Harrison (8)

The Jets desperately need offensive line help and should keep extra players at these positions. The starters appear to be Carpenter, Beachum, Johnson, Winters and Shell with Ijalana playing both sides. Harrison is a good depth signing from the Colts. Qvale served his purpose last year and should again make the squad. DL- Williams, Wilkerson, Richardson, McLendon, Simon, Donahue (6)

The draft has come and gone and Richardson is still on the team. It would take a lot for a team to trade for Richardson at this point. I believe Sheldon stays on the team and the Jets will recoup a compensatory pick. Wilkerson needs to play a lot better as well considering after next year he could be cut easily based on his contract. Williams is the captain of the line now and by far the best player on that line. McLendon is the starting nose tackle and Donahue is a special teams captain who was drafted this year. LB- Harris, Lee, Jenkins, Mauldin, Bishop, Martin, Stanford (7)

This group is lacking in many ways. It was a mistake for the Jets to not draft a LB at some point. Donahue can do both but is better suited for DL. Mauldin is very inconsistent. Lee was statistically one of the worst linebackers in football. Jenkins is a solid player but has injury concerns. Harris is getting up there in age and there is no telling how much longer he is going to play. Bishop, Martin and Stanford are depth players who could be interchangeable as the preseason progresses. S- Adams, Maye, Pryor, Gilchrist, Miles, Middleton (6)

Adams is the Jets best draft pick since Leonard Williams. The Jets got absolutely spoiled by the selection of Adams, everything fell into place. Maye a second round pick is a great pairing for Adams and the two have already started forming a bond. The future for Pryor and Gilchrist is completely up in the air and there is a possibility that neither end up on the final roster. Rontez Miles has filled in well when asked to start. Middleton was a UDFA who showed that he had all the skills to play in the NFL. CB- Claiborne, Williams, Skrine, Burris, Roberts, Clark, Jones (7)

Jets fans are still upset over the Darrelle Revis saga and the disappearance of the island. Jets added two cornerbacks late in the draft with Clark and Jones. These players are question marks and their injuries will depict how they play Williams had an off year and is looking to rebound. Claiborne is looking to return to his college days. Hopefully a change of scenery helps both sides. Skrine and Burris played often last year and were the only corners to not get consistently blamed for poor play. K- Catanzaro (1) P- Edwards (1) LS- Purdum (1) IR- D Smith 

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