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2017 NFL Mock Draft: Top 10

Rich Wilhelm @koda522

  1. Myles Garrett DE/Texas A&M- Browns (Logical pick don't see this changing, clear cut number one for a rebuilding team with tons of money and draft picks)

  2. Soloman Thomas DE/Stanford- 49ers (Two words…John Lynch. He will want a defensive player to cause havoc. With Garrett off the board, Thomas is the BPA)

  3. Jamal Adams S/LSU- Bears (Bears have had a solid free agency period thus far. In my opinion the Bears will have the best turn around of any team in the top 5. They added Glennon, Wheaton, Kendall Wright, Marcus Cooper, Prince Amukamara and Quintin Demps. They seem set at QB, corner and wide receiver now. No better player than Adams to make this team a contender.)

  4. Leonard Fournette RB/LSU- Jaguars (Sometimes having two running backs in a committee is not better than one clear cut number 1. This is the case with the Jaguars. Chris Ivory isn't the running back he was with the Jets. TJ Yeldon could be a solid compliment to Fournette but Leonard would run away with it, no pun intended.)

  5. Marshon Lattimore CB/Ohio State- Titans (Titans are a young team that is one or two years off competing at the most. Add a ballhawk to the secondary and call it a day.)

  6. OJ Howard TE/Alabama- Jets (Some may call this pick as a reach. In a perfect world the Jets trade down slightly and still get Howard. Howard to me is the next Gronk, why not take a chance. Hooker and Allen are also options but Hooker’s injury scares me and Allen is not necessarily a position of need which is weird to say for a rebuilding team.)

  7. Malik Hooker S/Ohio State- Chargers (As stated above Malik Hooker has an injury to bounce back from. When healthy is in many ways better than Jamal Adams. With Phillip Rivers on his way out, the Chargers need to add talent everywhere.)

  8. Marlon Humphrey CB/Alabama- Panthers (An Alabama CB in the top ten sends shivers down the spine of any Jets fan.Luckily its the Panthers turn to roll the dice. Carolina is zone heavy so Marlon should fit right in.)

  9. Jonathan Allen DE/Alabama- Bengals (With the Bengals offensive line decimated I am very close to putting Cam Robinson here. Jonathan Allen could very well go 2nd overall and is a great athlete. He is my faller for this draft based solely on need. The Bengals get a great player here.)

  10. Mike Williams WR/Clemson- Bills (The Bills have been searching for a good compliment for Sammy Watkins for years. No better player than Mike Williams to fill that role. With Watkins at Williams on the same team, it will give McCoy even more holes to run through.)

Craig Gorbunoff @cgorbs94

Browns - Myles Garrett - Incredible speed on first step. Throws Offensive lineman around. Played through injury and doubt teams and was still incredibly disruptive. clear cut best player in draft

49ers- Mitch Trubisky - Strong Arm, can scramble, reminds me of a faster mattt ryan. New coach, new gm, new qb

Bears - Jamal Adams - Ball Hawking safety, sees field well. open field tackler. can help transform this defense

Jags - OJ Howard - Best TE in draft (maybe best we've ever seen entering draft). Jags traded away Julius thomas, Bortles needs a big target

Titans - Mike Williams - It's time to give Mariota the weapons he deserves with this legit number 1 receiver.

Jets - Leonard Fournette - Type of player you can build an offense around. a very special running back

Chargers - Malik Hooker - Chargers have needed a safety since they lost Weddle

Panthers - Solomon Thomas - Incredible DE, has a opportunity to learn from great veteran talent in carolina

Bengals - Jonathan Allen - Simply too good to pass up here

Bills - Corey Davis - bills get a complimentary receiver to sammy watkins and make Taylor a dangerous QB in this stacked offense

Ryan Neal @RWilliamNeal

1. Cleveland Browns - Texas A&M DE Myles Garrett

The Browns are in one massive rebuild. With that being said, they have to take the best player in the draft in Myles Garrett. He is going to be their best defensive player for years to come.

2. San Francisco 49ers - Stanford DE/OLB Solomon Thomas

Solomon Thomas is going to be a very good edge rusher. In the 49ers system, Thomas can rack up the sacks. The 49ers desperately need someone to get to the quarterback and Thomas is that guy.

3. Chicago Bears - Ohio St. CB Marshon Lattimore

The Bears are still looking for that clear number one cornerback. Luckily for them, Marshon Lattimore looks the part. One NFL scout says “I haven’t seen a cornerback as athletic as Lattimore in years.” The Bears are getting a stud with this pick.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars - Alabama DL Jonathan Allen

By releasing Jared Odrick, the Jaguars are left with a hole at defensive tackle. That hole will be filled by Jonathan Allen. Allen is the best interior defensive lineman in this class.

5. Tennessee Titans - LSU S Jamal Adams

Jamal Adams is a special talent. The Titans need to address their secondary as a whole. Even though they already add Johnathan Cyprien, they will not hesitate to take Adams.

6. New York Jets - LSU RB Leonard Fournette

The Jets get pretty fortunate and Leonard Fournette falls right into their lap. Although they have bigger needs at CB and QB, they cannot pass up a running back with the talent of Fournette. The Jets get a big piece for their offense going forward.

7. L.A. Chargers - Ohio St. S Malik Hooker

Again, almost like the last pick, the Chargers get fortunate and cannot pass up Malik Hooker even though they have other needs. He is a great player who will be a cornerstone in their defense.

8. Carolina Panthers - Ohio St. CB Gareon Conley

The Panthers have yet to find a replacement for Josh Norman. Gareon Conley is a player who can come in and have an instant impact at CB for the Panthers.

9. Cincinnati Bengals - Alabama LB Reuben Foster

Reuben Foster has top five talent but falls to the Bengals. They have a need at linebacker and Foster is the perfect player to fill that need.

10. Buffalo Bills - Alabama TE O.J. Howard

O.J. Howard is the best TE prospect we have seen in years.He has the potential to be an elite player in the league. This will be a huge addition to this Bills team.

Kevin Lidlow @klidlow65

  1. Cleveland Browns- Myles Garrett DE Texas A & M- The Browns are in need of of a quarterback but I don’t think they can pass up on a true DE like Garrett. He is without a doubt the best player in the draft and the most complete player in his respective position. The QB’s in this draft need time to develop.

  2. Washington Redskins (trade from San Francsico for Kirk Cousins) Jonathon Allen DE Alabama- The Redskins are a mess right now and their QB doesn’t want to be there anymore so I think we will see a trade and them moving up to the second pick and takes an excellent 3-4 defensive end who gives you an inside pass rush.

  3. Chicago Bears- Marshon Lattimore CB Ohio State- After signing QB Mike Glennon the Bears will not pursue a quarterback in the draft. That being said I see them focusing on DB and why not take the most flashy player?

  4. Jacksonville Jaguars- OJ Howard TE Alabama- After trading away Julius Thomas, the Jaguars are looking to add some playmakers and OJ Howard would be a perfect player, He is a great tight end during his time at Alabama and really improved his run blocking, that is a good boost to help their run game.

  5. Tennessee Titans- Corey Davis WR Western Michigan- Mariota needs some very talented wide receivers and Davis is the perfect fit. He’s 6’3 208 pounds, has an Alpha attitude on the field and not afraid to take on the challenge of heavy target load. Excellent competitiveness. Focuses like a laser when ball is in the air.

  6. New York Jets- Mitch Trubisky QB UNC- I know what you’re thinking and I’m not to proud of it but the Jets want the best player available and technically he is the best QB They did sign McCown so they can develop him for a year but I know there is going to be a bunch of Jets fans not happy especially me.

  7. Los Angeles Chargers- Leonard Fournette RB LSU- The Chargers need a solid running back to take pressure off of rivers.

  8. Carolina Panthers- Derek Barnett DE Tennessee- The most polished pass rusher in the draft would enhance a pass rush that should improve with the return of Julius Peppers.

  9. Cincinnati Bengals- Reuben Foster ILB Alabama- Foster is a menacing "Mike" linebacker with a nasty temperament and rugged game.

  10. Buffalo Bills- Mike Williams WR Clemson- The Bills have a WR1 in Watkins but they could use a "bully" on the edge to take advantage of smaller corners.

Alberto Torres @altorres87

1. Cleveland Browns: QB Deshaun Watson Clemson.

2. San Francisco 49ers: DE/DT Johnathan Allen Alabama

3. Chicago Bears: DE/OLB Myles Garrett Texas A&M

4. Jacksonville Jaguars: RB Dalvin Cook Florida St.

5. Tennessee Titans: LB Reuben Foster Alabama

6. NY Football Jets: SS Jamal Adams LSU

7. LA Chargers: DE Solomon Thomas Stanford

8. Carolina Panthers: WR John Ross Washington

9. Cincinnati Bengals: WR Mike Williams Clemson

10. Buffalo Bills: QB Mitch Trubisky North Carolina

Rayfel Kroeger @Rayfel47

1 Myles Garrett- Browns

2 Solomon Thomas- 49ers

3 Jamaal Adams - Bears

4 OJ Howard- Jags

5 Jonathan Allen- Titans

6 Mitch Trubisky- Jets

7 Malik Hooker- Chargers

8 John Ross- Panthers

9 Taco Charlton- Bengals

10 Marshon Lattimore- Bills

John Hazelet @JohnHazelet 475

1 Browns DE Myles Garret Texas A&M

By far the biggest draft prospect, Garret will help the Browns get after the QB. I look for the Browns to address their QB position via trade (Jimmy G?), with the 12th pick or moving up from the 12th pick. Solid offseason from the team holding the most picks over the next 2 years. More to come from them in this draft.

2 49ers- S Jamal Adams LSU

I still a ton of potential for a trade in this spot. Either for Cousins or another team falling in love with a QB moving up to get him (Jets, Cardinals or Browns?). If the 9ers keep the pick, it’s Adams all the way. How can John Lynch pass on a Safety of this caliber? He can’t... Unless he gets an arsenal of picks in return.

3 Bears DE Solomon Thomas Stanford

The Bears have done a nice job adding pieces through free agency. I think Thomas will give them good versatility on the Defensive line. However, if the 9ers pass on Adams or trade their pick to a QB hungry team, I think the Bears would run their card to the podium to take Adams.

4 Jags RB Leonard Fournette LSU

The Jags, like the Bears have done a great job adding talent to their roster through free agency.

Coughlin/Marone have this franchise headed in the right direction early. Fournette in this spot, for this team is a no brainer. Marrone will want to play a little ball control to minimize turnovers from Blake Bortles. Although, I would find it very tempting if I am the Jags to grab Lattimore and team him with last years #1 Jalan Ramsey in their secondary for the next 6-10 years.

5 Titans WR Corey Davis Western Michigan

This was a tossup for me between Mike Williams, Corey Davis and Lattimore. The Titans also pick at 18 and I see them addressing the CB position at that time, as this is a pretty deep CB draft. Davis to me is the top WR in the draft just slightly ahead of Williams. He will make a great tandem with Marcus Mariota.

6 Jets RB Dalvin Cook FSU

The Jets can never just get out of their own way. Honestly, I think they should look to trade down at

least once maybe twice in this round to add picks and address some of their many needs. But... Cook to me is a great fit for this team who desperately needs a little life on Offense. He brings an explosiveness this team clearly lacks. The Jets have a solid young WR core and will no doubt look to address TE in the first 3 rounds of this draft. They have drafted Defense for 100 years in a row… I think now is a time to draft Offense. They can go many ways with this pick. If Fournette is still available, he should be their man. Passing on Lattimore might be tough here but the Jets have been burned taking CB’s this early (Millner) and may be a little scared of Lattimore's injury history. The other player that I would not rule out for the Jets at 6 (or higher) is Mitch Trubisky. If the Jets love him and have conviction about him, they should draft him and let him compete with the other QB’s on this roster. God knows they have been looking for the next Broadway Joe for decades...

7 Chargers S Malik Hooker Ohio State

Hooker is a Safety that can cover. I think he is a fit at a need position for the Chargers. Sleeper in this spot is a QB (Watson?). Rivers can’t play forever, drafting his replacement might be more of a luxury than a need but the Chargers may want to make a splash in their new City. Even if the QB they take doesn’t see the field for a year or two.

8 Panthers CB Marshon Lattimore Ohio State

While the Panthers like to focus more on the D-Line than the Secondary, having the drafts top corner drop to them at 8 is just too much to pass up. Their secondary was flat out awful last season after cutting ties with Josh Norman. Lattimore gives them his replacement.

9 Bengals LB Reuben Foster Alabama

Being sent home from the combine has no impact on this kid’s talent. Foster is a hard hitting LB and Marvin Lewis just can’t help himself with this pick. The Bengals could also go with Mike Williams to give the Red Rocket another weapon... Another player I would not rule out here is OJ Howard. Think about him in tandem with Eifort who by the way... is in the last year of his contract.

10 Bills WR Mike Williams Clemson

The Bills can use a compliment to Sammie Watkins and they get a good one in Williams. Williams has great size and plays a very physical game. I think he compares well to Plaxico Burres. I think he could be a better pro than Plax as long as he doesn’t shoot himself in the leg...

Alex Hand @Hand7Alex

Cleveland Browns – Myles Garrett – Edge – A&M

Needs: Edge Rusher, OL, or CB

The Cleveland Browns are in the same predicament that the Houston Texans were in back in 2014; stuck with the number one pick with the best overall player being a pass rusher. Cleveland could benefit from dealing their pick to another suitor for appropriate compensation, but they’ll do themselves a favor by building a dominant defense to take ahold of the AFC North.

San Francisco 49ers – Jonathan Allen – DT – Alabama

Needs: QB, DB, or DT

With their switch to a 4-3 defense, the 49ers are left with no form of interior pass rush. Adding Allen would usher in an interior nightmare that – when healthy – should boost this new four-front. I’m also confident that the trio of Eric Reid, Jarquast Tartt, and Jimmie Ward will be successful, hence why the Niners do not select Jamal Adams.

Chicago Bears – Jamal Adams – S – LSU

Needs: WR, DE, QB

Chicago’s 3-year, $45 million signing of Mike Glennon solves the quarterback issue in the eyes of the front office, yet despite the loss of Alshon Jeffery, the Bears will likely bolster their secondary with the best safety in the draft class. Adams has been drawing comparisons of Brian Dawkins in talent and leadership; both of which will be needed for Chicago’s defense.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Leonard Fournette – RB – LSU

Needs: RB, OT, OG

While Tom Coughlin would probably like a quarterback other than Blake Bortles, perhaps they can lessen the amount of interceptions thrown if he’s given a young pair of legs to hand the ball to. The Jags will give Bortles another toy in order to see whether he’s truly the franchise quarterback moving forward. This pick also allows Chris Ivory to flourish as a complementary tailback.

Tennessee Titans – Corey Davis – WR – Western Michigan

Needs: WR, S, DL

The Titans desperately need help in the passing game. Marcus Mariota shouldn't be asked to rely off of his legs forever, and the running game can only establish so much in modern football. Davis displays terrific run after the catch ability and reminds me of a lighter Terrell Owens.

New York Jets – Malik Hooker – S – Ohio State

Needs: QB, RB, DB

The Jets would be prime candidates to trade back and gamble on either Mitch Trubisky or DeShone Kizer, but this team is in full rebuild mode and the best player available to them is Hooker. Calvin Pryor can’t be counted on to cover the back end, and injury-ridden Marcus Gilchrist is due to be released after his physical. The Jets want to get young, which is why they chose to remain silent in free agency and Hooker is barely 21. A deep cornerback class allows the Jets to replenish their entire secondary in the first three rounds, which is okay given the quarterback pressures created by defensive linemen Mo Wilkerson and Leonard Williams.

Los Angeles Chargers – Marshon Lattimore – CB – Ohio State

Needs: OT, S, WR

With the resigning of Jaheel Addae, the LA Chargers are set in the safety department, but still need another corner to pair with Jason Verrett. Verrett is incredibly talented, but like all cornerbacks, only truly effective if another corner can cover the opposite side of the field. O.J. Howard would be a tremendous upgrade of a pick here, but their recent investment in Hunter Henry makes me doubt it.

Carolina Panthers – Solomon Thomas – DE – Stanford

Needs: OL, DE, RB

29-year-old Mario Addison, 30-year-old Charles Johnson, and 37-year-old Julius Peppers currently makes up the defensive end department in Carolina. Thomas will have a tremendous opportunity to learn from some of the best before coming into his own role on the defense. Dalvin Cook would have been a nice selection, but the risks are too high that one of those three current DEs could get hurt throughout the season.

Cincinnati Bengals – Taco Charlton – DE – Michigan

Needs: OT, DE, WR

One of the Bengals few needs are at defensive end. Offensive tackle is pressing too, but Cam Robinson would be a reach within the top ten. Charlton’s only downside is his lack of total starting experience, but his numbers and physical tangibles offer a high ceiling for a defense that needs to get young.

Buffalo Bills – Derek Barnett – DE – Tennessee

Needs: DE, CB, WR

Another implementation of a 4-3 defense in Buffalo means that the Bills will take their chances in the later rounds for a replacement for Stephon Gilmore, and take a stellar edge rusher in Barnett. Jerry Hughes only measures in at 6-2 and 254 lbs., which would make him a prime candidate as a fifth-edge rusher (5-2-3 defense)

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